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    Greetings Everyone, my name is Walter F., I live outside Hartford CT with my brother a local attorney. I'm a 67 year old teen-age hippy as far as my outlook on life is concerned. I discovered these bike engines this past summer and am in the process of rebuilding the bike I did this summer. I didn't like the way the sprocket mounts to the rear wheel so I got a dual disc front hub and re-laced the wheel, now sprocket mounts to hub just fine and is easy to change. Next is the way the engine mounts, I'm working on that now. The bike is a 20" West Coast Chopper, so it will be like the ones used on Sting Rays but welded to the frame not clamped. Looking forward to meeting fellow old-timers with like interests. Happy Hills & Trails Walter F.

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    Hey Wakter
    Glad to see other Connecticut riders I will be building my bike this spring/summer soon as I get the cash and the parts together. Who knows maybe we can meet up at one point
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    welcome Walter.....I can relate....sorta......hippy meets redneck, here....long haired country boy! :cowboy2:

    looking forward to seeing your Jesse James build.

    enjoy the forum & tis good to have an attorney in our corner! ;)