Connecticut Laws for HT?

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    I live in Connecticut. I've yet to meet someone on this site who is also from CT.

    Can anyone tell me CT's laws for HT's. I'm sure it's the usual...49cc, pedal assist, driver's license.

    Any clarification would be awesome.


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    I live in central CT. I began my HT adventure using ti to ride from Berlin to Southington - 26 mi round trip.

    I am beginning to expand my use as gas is hovering around $4.25 now.

    I am also looking at adding storage, better braking, etc.
  4. Hello japennell

    loquin Has some excellent information to share in that link.

    I'm also located it Ct ( Farmington Area ).

    For over 6 years I have been building Motorized Bikes for boaters .But ever sense the gas hike I'M Having a hard time Keeping the kits in stock ( and I buy allot of them ) . Trust me there are plenty of Ct riders out there .
    Motorcycles are my specialty but I Have been VERY busy building bikes with Kits installed.
    I heard from the grape vine CT DMV is trying to crack down on the 80cc ( 71cc to be truthful).
    No idea how they will do this
    .But I will say My 50cc orders in the past 2 weeks have tripled over the 80cc ( 71cc).
    Nice to see more Ct rider .