Connecticut motor assisted bicycle laws


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Nov 17, 2014
  1. Good day. I've been building and riding for quite some time here in Connecticut. I've had my share of pull overs and never had a bike taken. I've been ticketed once for exceeding the db limit for exhausts, but was thrown out in court.

    Anyways in regards to Connecticut's motor assisted bicycle laws, here goes, ( links atbottom)
    1. Under 5 bhp (brake horse power)
    2. Minimum seat height of 26"
    3. Valid driver's license.

    Nowhere in their language (glossary) does itrequire head protection unless aged 17-18. But it's a smart move to at least wear d.o.t.approved glasses to protect your eyes.
    On another note, i found a loophole of sorts.The state of Connecticut does not require pedals to be a functional bicycle. That carries over into motor assisted bicycles as well. If a bicycle does not require pedals to be a bicycle, then they are also not required on motor assisted bicycles (helper motors)

    I'm no lawyer, but I've checked with one (my landlord) and he's in 100% agreeance with me in regards to the legal lingo.

    Hope this helps my fellow nutmeggers, and any visitors. *this link shows the amendment to pedal requirements

    You'll need to utilize their glossary to see the under 5bhp rule.
Here is the glossary link. You'll need to scroll down to the "moped" section. It defines motor assisted bicycles and clearly states the under 5 bhp law.