Considering 24" tires/wheels: I Need advice

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by scottyo, Oct 13, 2009.

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    So Im at that point in my build where I need to take my mb above just "functioning" to "safely functioning" (ie getting tires, brakes and spokes worthy of 20-40 mph speeds and ninja warfare). After drooling over google images of cafe racers and other vintage motorcycles for two hours today, I realized that the ratios of a typical 26" bicycle rim/tire dont match up to those on an actual motorcycle. It seems like the smaller ratio (tire width/spoke length), like on a 26" tire allows (in theory) for more potential bending in the spokes due to a longer lever arm. Also, from what I hear, the more balloon-y or larger the width of the tire the more cushion it provides. And finally I think it will look more beafy like an actual boardtracker if the tires were larger (24"x3"). The con is I think I might have trouble clearing the chains if I use a 3" wide tire? In terms of total length I think the size of the tire (rim to end of tire) is long enough to fit on a 26" fork and frame.

    What do you guys think about the 3" width/chain clearance and general looks?

    Here's the link to my potential product:

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    well i have aan old chopper bike that came originally with 20x3 tires on it. unfortunatly it will not clear teh chain that drives from teh motor. not if you are using a HT - V frame mounted kit. i had to change to the tires you can get at any wally world. "freestyle" type 20x2 and the chain clears now BARELY but that is all i need with my tension setup.
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    yah the clearence can be an issue, as was on my chopper changed the rear tire from 24x3 to 26x1.95 to clear the chain but all is good and runs great. my other build has 24's on it but i run a jackshaft kit so no issue, with 66cc motor and is good at low speed and good at top speed.
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    I think the issue you identified with bending is correct in theiry, but in reality, what is real difference between a 24" and a 26"? Further, could any difference be overcome with stronger spokes? If you want 24", fine, but functionally, I don't think your will see a difference. I will effect gearing a bit, but that can be correct for.

    The clearance issue is very real...I barely have enough room with my 2.125 x 26s, but as pointed out above, there are ways around that.
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    as an afterthaught, by changing from a 26 to a 24, as long as you are going to a smaller rim size, you effectivly are using stronger spokes as they are shorter and more stout due to their legnth Vs. those of a 26 longer and the same diameter makes for weaker spokes... the shorter the stronger
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    I think that a larger (taller) wheel always rides better
    and safer for higher speeds
    there's noTHING like a nice big spokes heavy duty 26" wheel with upgraded tire and tube

    as we ride those MB THINGS
  7. sphynx.0029

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    granted the taller wheel is great for higher speeds, actually the best way to obtain higher speeds, but without upgrading the spokes, smaller is definitely safer for the operator (shorter, stronger spokes) while taller may be safer for engine longevity (Lower RPM's)
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    I have had a blast working on some of the real things, 1917 Indian V, 1921 single Triumph H, and a 1910 single cylinder Thor IV which I like the best as it still has the pedals at a local museum down here in Texas. Now that the Thor project is about to go bye-bye dammit, I need to take some measurements (hope I am not too late) as I want to "recreate" it, only just something fun in a motored bike I can write Thor IV on the tank and have it look similar to the original. These old motorcycles are cook but just too much work to get running reliably so I want something that looks good but won't be the maintenance hog. I also paint it that beautiful Thor blue which looks blue in the sun but black in the shade and in B&W film. I am planning on using a 29er if I can find one cheap enough for a basis, the idea being to modify the frame to the general dimensions of the original motorcycle. Any suggestions on 4 stroke engine type, would like to get low RPM bike, a friend suggested an old washing machine engine, but I am thinking something modern. This is probably taking the motorized concept a bit too far as this is going to be an event/living history bike, not a street rider. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. I have access to all the welding and cutting services I need on the cheap as well as a master metalsmith that I can cajole into making a neat tank...he's so good no bondo necessary...he built us new tanks for our Indian and the workmanship was awesome.