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    Well, it seems intros are important (as it's making me do one :p) so here I am. ;)

    I'm considering the purchase of an OCC Stingray bike, with a BGF 66cc engine. I just wanted to see what I was getting into. But I'll leave that for the technical section.

    It may interest some people that I have hit around 35MPH on this bike... 20" wheel, 44 t sprocket. :p I know that was a point of contention on one of the forums I visited, not sure if it's this one.

    I usually cruise around 20 MPH, and at WOT it'll bog horribly around 25MPH, however, cruising behind my friend on a moped I went PT and let it keep accelerating. He was going 32MPH, and I blew by him as if he had the brakes on. So I'm guessing around 35MPH, yes, I realize the motor was over rev'ing. ;)

    The engine is a BGF 66CC, the air filter holder was drilled for more air flow, intake was ported, exhaust was ported and pipe re-routed to rear wheel with DIY muffler.

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Khronokai from ENO (Down Under)..Get it..they are an awesome looking ride, bit weighty but with the 66cc (80cc marked) motor they power along really well..Difficult to set up as the fittings for the motors are for round frames not the OCC eliptical frame / engine mounting also difficult. It sounds as if its already set up if so..get it..Not a good bike size for big guys which means I cant ride it as I would have to steal it from y 14 year old and then probably bite the dust, nut some guys have modified them to suit. I have added some pics of his build so you can get some idea of the look and the problems (in threads marked OCC CHOPPER) you may come across..Other pics etc in my ALBUM...Good luck and add your pics as you go..Welcome again ENO (Oz)

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    yep, I think I saw your build thread. I like it because it's kind of cool looking, and it is fun. Right now it's got plenty of "oomph" but no top speed whatsoever (ignoring the rev the snot out of it approach). So I'm thinking of doing a 33 rear sprocket. Maybe a 27 as long as starting it and acceleration are still decent. :)

    Only other problem is the seat's starting to droop and it's crushing my... well... anyway, I figure I'll put the seat all the way down on the frame/fender, it'll make pedaling a pain but hopefully that way I won't eventually slide off the thing. lol