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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by iwasgandhi, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. iwasgandhi

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    I'm considering switching from a 4-stroke to a 2-stroke and I kindly ask for suggestions and related experiences. I currently use a Robin-Subaru EHO35 (35cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke) on a Staton-inc axle mounted kit, and I wondering about the Tanaka 40cc. How would the performance compare? Would I get more torque, more top end speed, or both? I'm hoping I'd get both.

    Factors to consider are my weight (250 lbs), geography (some long, steep hills), and riding style (on-road only, stop-and-start traffic as well as level cruising with throttle wide open, occasional 200+ mile trips, and sometimes carrying 30-35 lbs of groceries and/or gear).

    I currently use an 11 tooth gearbox sprocket, so my 4-stroke's top end speed is only 23-24 mph (tip of nose on the handlebars or not). If I stick with my current 4-stroke and use a gearbox sprocket with a greater number of teeth (such as a 12 tooth or a 13 tooth), I'd gain top speed but I'd lose hill-climbing torque. My current torque is barely sufficient.

    Ideal scenario: I switch to a more powerful 2-stroke, I also switch to a 13 or 14 tooth gearbox sprocket, and I thereby have more torque AND more top speed.

    Am I just dreaming? Or do I need to break down and buy gas-guzzling 100cc motorcycle? :confused:

  2. Racie35

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    wouldn't the gear changes you mention work on the 4 stroke also? in general the 4 strokes have more grunt dont they?
  3. Miles2Go

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    I like 2strokes and 4strokes anything will last as long as you take care of it. what did you end up doing? I have been wondering about those tanaka engines to. did you try one? how did run?
  4. Racie35

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    I have 2 47's here and a 47r for sale if you decide tanaka....used but good deals
  5. Richard H.

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    You can expect better performance with the 20%+/- more displacement and a lot more noise.
  6. iwasgandhi

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    Thank you everyone for your replies. As of today, 12/25/12, I'm still using the Robin-Subaru EHO35 4-stroke on my Staton-inc axle mounted kit. I'm debating whether or not to pay someone to fix it (gas is still getting into the oil), or baby it along by changing the oil after every use, or pay for a brand new Tanaka PF-4000 40cc 2-stroke (which would have the increased power and torque I need due to my body weight + cargo weight).

    If I decide to pay someone to fix the 4-stroke, there's no guarantee that once the engine is taken apart and carefully examined it would be worth fixing. I'd then be left with a bill for labor and not enough money left over to pay for a new motor. However, If I decide to buy a brand new Tanaka I'd have to cancel my cable tv and eat Ramen noodles for 4-6 weeks. It would be do-able but difficult. I'm sort of leaning towards a new Tanaka kit.

    Also, my 4-stroke was delivered attached to a Staton-inc 4.28/1 gear reduction box. So if I decide to buy a new motor (or a used one), I'd have to make sure it would be compatible with/fit onto my current gear box. But I don't how to remove the motor from the gear box and then re-attach a different motor, so I may decide to buy a whole new kit with a new motor attached to a new gear box. Malnourished I would be, but happily motoring,...

    Unless, of course, some kind soul out there knows how to remove a motor from a Staton gear box, etc., and kindly explains? :idea:
  7. rawly old

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    Ive been running a 35cc Honda gx35 performs about like your Sooby. I
    put on a 40cc tanaka a week ago. Out performs the daylights outa my
    reliable 'lil honda, raps higher, accelerates faster, starts easy, and is
    a damp sight louder. I solved that to some extent with a faux pannier
    cowling lined with foil backed sound deadening panels and glass tape.
    It has a hidden air scoop and an open bottom.
    It's still loud at 6000 or more rpm, but much less so than b-4.
    At idle you can barely hear it from 50 ft. away. The pannier cowl
    looks like the real deal, so I've got a camo/silencing/ crash guard
    rolled into one package.