Considering Another Bike...Still Keeping OSCAR

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    When I was in high school in the 1950's, a lot of guys rode Motor Scooters, such as the Mustang, Powell, Salisbury, Cushman, DoodleBug, and the Whizzer Motorbike.

    The most powerful, fastest, and most admired was the Mustang, manufactured in Southern California from 1947 to 1963. It had a flat-head 320cc single
    cylinder engine that pumped out 9.5-10 HP, and had a 3-speed transmission. It had 12" disc wheels and 4.00 x 12" tires.

    Recently, a company in Southern California called CSC (California Scooter Company) has been marketing a replica of the original Mustang, with a 150cc, 13.3 HP OHV engine,
    5-speed transmission, front & rear disc brakes, and electric AND kick starters. Weight, 240 lbs. Top Speed, 60-65 MPH.

    This scooter is available in 4 styles, and the list of aftermarket accessories is like a jewelry catalog!

    Their Website has lots of photos of the different styles, and also videos of people going on tours with their Mustangs.

    My wife said that she thought I was through with motorcycles when I turned 70 and sold my last sickle six years ago.

    Well...I feel the sap rising again, and I want another one, probably a CSC Classic Mustang! (Around $3600-$3800)

    My wife said that the only way she would agree to my getting another bike at my age is if I'd take out a one-million dollar life insurance policy!

    I'll look into it!

    Hal the Elder
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    BUT WAIT !!!

    I found that CSC recently introduced a newer version of their 150cc Mustang replica, in response to those enthusiasts who wanted something a bit hotter:

    It's the "P-51", a 250cc Mustang, with an 18HP overhead cam, counterbalanced engine. It runs a few hundred more, but I'll overlook the extra cost. They tested this bike with a 210-lb rider and it got to between 77 and 80 MPH, while returning up to 75MPG.

    Here's a picture of a P-51 in Red:


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    I really like the 250cc. I am a big guy and I think I would appreciate the exta power.
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    Have you seen the scooter?

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    Only the pics on their site. I am 6'3" tall and weigh about 290 and I think I may be too big for that scooter. I really like it, but living in Florida, there is not a nearby dealer. I would like to at least sit on one before spending the hard earned money.
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    Yeah, you're a large specimen alright! You would probably need at least 500CC to move you around properly!