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Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by mac66, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. mac66

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    I have a couple year old 350W/36V cheap chinese scooter which I took apart to use for a bike conversion. In taking it apart I had to strip the headlight, tailight, brake light, and other wires from it. I kept the throttle and key switch intact.

    Of course now, when I plug the controller into the batteries it just runs the motor at full speed with no throttle or key switch control. Obviously, one of the other wires to one of the other functions had something to do with the throttle and key switch. I've tried just about every configuration on the scooter controller to get it too work but am at wits end.

    At this point I am considering another controller with just a on/off and throttle control on it.

    I am open to suggestions as to what else I might try with the scooter controller or where I might find another controller to make this work.

  2. SirJakesus

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    Why don't you wire it up as it was on the scooter? It can't hurt to have some good lighting on your bike can it?
  3. mac66

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    Well, the scooter had a circuit board with LED lights and all kinds of other stuff. It had lights for power, the charger, turn signals, brake lights, key switches etc. It also had two or three wiring harnesses that went the front and rear lights, turnsignals, horn, audible turn indicator etc. In order to get the scooter apart I had cut the wires to the circuit board and strip the wiring harness. I carefully removed and marked the throttle wires and the ignition key switch which ran directly back to the controller. I did not mark the other wires since I wasn't going to use them.

    I was trying to see if anyone had any insight into making this work.
  4. SirJakesus

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    Oh, thats a shame then... Sorry I can't be of any help.
  5. ozzyu812

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    Forget the controller and just run a on/off switch. I'm seriously considering scrapping my controller.
  6. Ypedal

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    Is the motor brushed or brushless ?

    2 wires exit motor = brushed

    3 phase wires + 5 hall ( position sensors} = brushless

    Does the throttle have the 3 " LED " power status lights on it ?
  7. thescooterguy

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    while putting a currie e bike together recently i noticed that if i plugged the battery in and motor out backwards that the motor just ran at full throttle , without touching anything , maybe you have these two turned around , they have the same size clip . here is a wiring schematic for a 36volt 500 watt controller ,