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    I have bought off Ebay from a vendor called Yescom, 3-36volt, 800 watt rear wheel hub kits....All kits have been installed on same type of bike, using 22amp batteries

    from the same battery supplier....It seems the last kit I have installed is about 25% slower than the first 2 kits I installed.....
    The site on Ebay lists several different voltage's & wattage, then you make your choice and pay...The controller that comes with these kits
    have a data sticker that has been written on with a marker indicating the volt & wattage....this leads me to believe that the vendor adjusts the
    controller before shipment to match the order....does anyone know if this can be true and if so, can I readjust the controller locally....the motor
    itself has an 800 watts etching on it...

  2. jaguar

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    it's very possible it is adjustable but you'd need some way of measuring the current to the motor at maximum throttle
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    Look up your controller, I know Kelly controllers are programmable with a USB cable,PC and their free software.