Convert a diesel to gasoline on the cheap sort of


just for kicks

Seems like someone tried to convert a diesel to gas at my work, well sort of :LOL:.

We have a specialized truck that is a diesel with a generator on the back that is gasoline and the fuel key we use could turn on either type of pump.
(see, right there, that is the problem-:LOL:)

Well :LOL::LOL::LOL: someone put about 25 gallons of gas in it (OH yeah they drove it for a short while) and did just over $1100 worth of damage to it :LOL::LOL::LOL:.

I laugh because I had warned them many times that some braindead numbnutts would do that but they didnt listen :LOL::LOL::LOL:.
I had driven that truck for about 2 years with no problems but then I got put on another detail (painting-much easier for me) and thats what happened.

I guess I should have just used that truck to paint with even if it meant getting yellow paint all over the tailgate :LOL::LOL::LOL: but stupid me thought it would be better to use a different 10+ year old truck (without the AC-:() for the paint detail since it cant look any worse and I wasnt about to work all day worring about a good truck and paint all over:rolleyes:.


Yeah I'm laughing bigtime.(I luv my job-:LOL:)
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