Convert rear wheel to coaster brake...

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  1. John-Forrest

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    I'm curious if there is a way to convert rear wheel to make it coaster brake. I already have engine sprocket on, so I don't want to buy a new wheel. My brake pads are wearing out fast! I have a disc brake on front. Also curious what would be involved in putting disc brakes on an existing rear wheel. Do you put it on bike sprocket side so you don't have to replace engine sprocket?

    What do you recommend for good V-brake pads that work better than bike brake?

  2. Mountainman

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    it would require lacing in a coaster brake hub
    almost cheaper to buy the whole wheel complect

    there are some good quality brake pads listed in a thread around here

    if you are going to be with motor bike for a while -- or longer
    you may wish to contact the Wheel Master for a nice heavy duty set up ??

    have a good day -- from - MM