Converted FWD Honda to RWD




I converted my front wheel drive, Honda powered, Raleigh folding 20 bike to a rear wheel drive configuration. It has a jackshaft just behind the seat tube so the engine is geared. Much better than the FWD version. More stable, quieter and seems a tad faster. Very easy to ride. The engine and pedaling gears are synched so that whatever speed the engine is going, your pedaling speed matches it well, and visa versa. For the full write up with detailed pictures, visit:
I was really hoping for some sick S2000 drivetrain swap into an older Civic or CRX but then I realized I was off the car message boards and on mbc. Either way, front wheel drive blows, good for you for converting. It looks like a great build.
Great job. The glass chain guards really give it a "finished" look. Did you vacuum bag the layups?