Converting friction to chain or belt



My goal is to convert my Staton Honda GXH friction drive to a top center mounted direct drive thats good in wet weather and pulling steep hills.

Obviously Statons inside chain drive is a great choice but it looks as if it will cost me around $550 to convert plus fabrication of mounts. (Gear box plus wheel.)

I'm starting to actually consider GEBE belt drive as an alternative at $350.

Question is: I don't see this engine on GEBE site so what problems do you see for the conversion?

What would you do if you were me?

Are there any belts from a mainstream store that can easily replace a GEBE belt?
If the motor we are talking about is the Honda GXH50 you will need an adapter to get the GEBE Clutch housing to bolt up to the Honda motor. Staton makes the adapter you need I believe they run around $55.00-$60.00. I've seen it said before that adapting this motor to the GEBE system has been less than satisfactory for people who have tried it. I believe the problems have been with belt life. HP and Torque of the GXH50 are at the edge of what is recommended for a 9mm wide 5mm pitch HTD Belt. You can get belts in quite in a wide range of lengths but the GEBE belt is proprietary in that it is a Kevlar reinforced belt and is only available in the one length and only from GEBE.

It appears that the adapter I spoke about above is part of the set-up used to fit the GXH50 to the Staton Friction Drive, so would not have to be purchased seperately to adapt the GEBE Clutch Housing.

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Sell the friction drive for $200, use as partial payment towards chain drive, which Staton sells alone for $469.
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If I can sell it and you cant just buy the gearbox, ya gotta buy a wheel or at least a hub and the have it laced (another hundred easily) plus shipping so probably over $600 minus the 200 (if I sold it) is $400.

I guess if ya wanna play ya gotta pay but thats over a $1000 just to motorize this one bike...ouch!