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    This seems like a great site I'm glad I found it.:grin:

    Anyhoo, I have a wallymart bike with full suspension and front disk. I shortened the handlebars which I regret now. I found a set of dual Led headlights (really cheap and really bright) which i want to end-bar mount and now I'm out of space for them and have to jerry rig/engineer extentions. I replaced the stock knobbies with Geax street tires and double thick gell-filled inner tubes. The rear rim I replaced with a more heavy duty double walled one. The front rim is stock but performs well and holds it's true with the high psi tire and double thick inner tube.

    The motor is a 43cc Mitsubishi. I aspirated the intake and added an exhaust manifold between the engine block and muffler. The drive system is friction which a been a persistent pain in the arse since day one. The govt. stimulated my personal economy a bit recently so I finally got the conversation kit for belt drive. Hallaluuya!

    I've run into an unexpected snafoo with that process though. I got the DE hardware off the motor with unexpected ease. And discovered a wicked long crack in the drive housing that was hidden by the motor.

    So I've got the motor off and am ready to install the 76mm clutch. Come to find out it needs (2x) bushing/spacers to bolt it on. They are 10mm OD by 8mm ID and I think 9mm long. I spent most of yesterday running up and down the Web in a vain effort to find them. The Milwaukee yellow pages does not have a catagory for "small engines" adding to the frustration. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to MBc!

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question again in the appropriate section. Sometimes you wont get a tech respone in your intro. If resubmitting, someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    Here's a great crash course post "link" to get you started.
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    Thanks G-man:cool:
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    hello and welcome to MBc! good luck and happy motoring!
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Intro reboot

    Dear Friends,

    I kindof came rushing in all breathless and kid-like on my 1st intro. Lack of socialization I guess. I've never been around other motorized bike people before. Again, thanks for being here.

    Anyhoo I live in a suburb of Milwaukee. A bout 4 yrs. ago I realized that I was without motorcycle and it would be quite some time before I could get one. That steered my into the motor-bike thing. I prefer it over the motorcycle now. The concept is cheaper, more eco and I still get my speed thrills. Moreso in a way. Going 40 mph is easily equivalent to doing 100 mph on a motorcycle experientially.

    And there is much more room / potential for creative outlet with the motorized bike thing. Just with off the shelf products I've pimped my bike into a lean fast street machine on the cheap despite the boat anchor attributes/headaches of the friction drive.

    This is not to imply I'm a know-it-all by any means. I look forward to sharing ideas and finds.

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    cool do post pics of your build in the picture gallery and lets see it...
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    Re; Eco intro

    Thanks. Indeed I will. Right now I'm dead in the water; buried up the fenders for want of some wee metric bushings for my clutch. Augidog has been helping me though. God willing I'll be thru this challenging snafu soon and back to pimp'in the motor bike :D

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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Heck yeah and thanks:D ..from glacier country.