Conway, Ar.

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  1. lawyertob

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    I'm in Conway. I've only seen one other motoredbike around, but due to gas prices and in inability to park at UCA, I slapped a motor on my Macargi Puma GTS. Stretched Cruiser.

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  2. Slay

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    Cool rod. That pooch runs sOK like that???? engine all leanin' and ****
  3. lawyertob

    lawyertob New Member

    runs great. Doesn't miss a lick. It's the only way the carb would clear the frame and the chain make it to the rear wheel. Putting the sprocket on with all of those spokes was the most time consuming part oddly enough.
  4. Skyliner70cc

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    Welcome to MB.
    Conway is a nice little city. I spent several months of my life in Little Rock and 17 years ago, had a college roommate who was from Conway and always seem to wear his Toad Suck days t-shirt.

    Take care,

    BTW, There's a knucklehead from Conway that has a motorized bike but he's on the "other" forum. He's a Conway school teacher. Perhaps, it was him you saw. He needs a lot of help with his ride.
  5. Slay

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    :grin: :shock:


    How big is Conway?
  6. lawyertob

    lawyertob New Member

    Conway is between 55-60k people I think.
  7. Slay

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    Heck there should be at least 15 MB's!
  8. lawyertob

    lawyertob New Member

    if they're here...they're in hiding. A local television station wants to film a spot on me and my bike this Thursday. Maybe they'll come out from hiding once they see the show.