Cool 12v accessories?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Warner, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Warner

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    I'm looking for suggestions for cool, useful 12 volt accessories. After my upgrades, I'm going to have a spare 12 volt connection available (and run a 7.5 aH SLA battery) for accessories of some kind. I already have a 55 watt headlight and a scooter what else would be useful/cool?

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  2. HoughMade

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    Since pedaling isn't a big deal with an engine- I'm thinking a cigerette lighter- perfect time to take up smoking!

  3. augidog

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    heated gloves? hardy-har :rolleyes7:

    not an 'accessory' but LED license-plate bolts make great dashboard lights :)
  4. POPS

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    On 1988-? chev trucks there was a small under hood trouble light

    that had a reel and about 12 feet of cord. Would be really usefull

    during a night time break down (flat) etc...POPS
  5. Warner

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    All joking aside....I DID think about adding a lighter receptacle....then whatever you find that can plug into that would be usable. Might not be a bad idea.....

  6. Nuttsy

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    A great add on is turn signals! Hand gestures, uhm signals, can get a little hairy in some situations. Besides it just makes it safer and leaves less guesswork for cagers.
  7. POPS

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    I put one on my motorcycle years ago.

    Came in real handy.

    Came with a plug to stop water. Bought it at Canadian Tire

    but you can probably get one at a boat shop...POPS
  8. MikeJ

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    That cigarette lighter receptacle will become more useful as time goes by. Carry a 10-foot cord with you with lighter jacks on both ends. As your battery runs down, ask someone at a local qwick-stop store for a battery recharge: His truck's cig lighter to your cig lighter.

    Brag about your bike and all it can do and get free electricity on the road at the same time. The more you can talk about guns and sports, the more charge time you will get. (Just make sure the wire gauge is large enough so that it does not get too hot during the electron transport.)

    I'm looking at this for myself. If I had a battery to put out 55 watts of headlight power and on-the-road recharger, I'd look at a set of over-the-road truck brake lights, the LED type. They take little power and can be seen half a mile away. My idea is to mount three of them, side by side, across the back. I intend to be seen!

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  9. MikeJ

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    With receptacle:

    Cell phone charger power...
    Police radar gun detector power...
    CB radio power (yes, an antenna will work on a bike frame)...
    Other forms of 12 volt radios (aircraft band, police band, etc.)...
    GPS-with-map receiver power (who needs paper maps?)....

    More thoughts from parents with teenagers?
  10. Warner

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  11. Warner

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    You don't need all that just to be seen. If you want to be seen from behind, just get one of these.....TRUST me they are AMAZING! I have one on my bike and it is literally amazing!

  12. BikeMan

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    1.Stebel Nautilus Horn

    2.Down Low Glow Tube Light

    Get heard with the Stebel Nautilus horn.Many,many scooter and motorcycle riders add a Stebel to their 2-wheelers.

    You can never have enough lighting on a bike.Use down low glow light(s) for the side or rear of your bike.Be seen.
  13. fm2200

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    Pops is right about the 88 Chevy pickup having a cord under the hood with light. I still own and use my Chevy and I had it about 7 years before I realized that the light had the long wire attachment. I got 210,000 miles on it, I was in Ikea yesterday picking up some furniture with it on the New Jersey Turnpike. Who says American cars don't last.
  14. darwin

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    Best setup ive seen is using a 12.4 volt dewalt cordless drill battery.
  15. arkives1

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    cool 12 volt accessories.

    I vote for headlight, tail light, brakelight that works, turn signals all led. I just did my chopper and with an 8ah battery it should last a lonnnnng time. I don't really ride at night so the headlight for me is mainly for visibility to oncoming traffic. I used a Harley passing light, took out the bulb and put in a 4 watt LED's surprisingly bright. The signal lights are from Monster Scooter and I changed them to led also, this requires a different flasher module with another switch added in I can use the signal lights as emergency flashers if needed. I was able to find a switch for the brake light that actually works so now the tail light is on all the time and gets a lot brighter when I use the brakes. It only works on rim brakes as the switch clamps to the brake cable.