cool beans (hope this is in the right spot)



as i said well since i have been selling these bikes here in will hang you for anything TEXAS

its been a hit with the delivery food shops here on campus and get this they
are paying if you have a motor bike 6.25 start instead of 6 or 5.80 and pay $1 for on campus delivery and $1.50 for off campus and with a 48cc thats a killing in just one day of work in gas is like $1.50 dang

and one of my guys who is 58 mind you dose 700+mil in a month just in work
and haveing fun he is working on a bike engine that will never need to be charged by plug in to the wall but ahs wind turbin charge and solar plus genaraters when in motion

its a nutzy thing but i trust he will get it done some day just so i can see these creation

but as i said hope im in the right spot later
I would totally do that job. I would be the fattest guy there wearing street clothes and my trusty red crocks without socks and will deliver as fast as the next guy.
And that old man needs a happy time.
How do you deal with the gas smell from the food delivery?
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smell there is no smell with the 48cc and he is using a low exhaust emision fuel so ans he only runs at 21 tops average 16

and he makes a killing why he pays only 40 bucks to sleep in a garage
he speends nothing in gas for the bike pays no taxes no electric bill
and only takes care of himself

but he has a extream amount of money b/c of that heck im thinking of doing it for extra cash and the owner said i can have any HR's i whant since
im the one who is building them plus he said hill put up the stiker in tyhe shop and say are shop is the fastest do to motorized bikes

cool allright later
Sounds like a cool way to make some extra cash and showcase your bikes at the same time.
Whenever you shut off the fuel petcock you are putting some gas in your hands. That's every time you stop to do a delivery.
I don't realize it at all but my wife tells me every time I get home from riding she says I smell like gas,even after washing my hands. It's pretty weird.
i could walk by my bike and she says i smell like it but when yopu are stoping for just a few min's you dont have to shut it off its when you are going to stop for more then 10min that you need to but even if that you dont have to even up to 25min but after taht you start to lose gas then

but my wife is the same way

but thats what we do here in TX later
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