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After the purchase of my new Schwinn Point Beach, I decided to cruise Ebay looking for gas tanks, the are SO many unusual tanks! I think I may have found a nice 3/4 gallon tank that will fit right behind the seat. Anyway the build starts next weekend. Transferring everything from the OLD motoschwinn to the new one....

Later Taters


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i for one really want a General 5 star moped gas tank, i can find the tank, but not the gas cap...

what exactly are you searching for on ebay? i type in moped gas tank and only a few show up..
Anything like this??? First Pic is how I recieved it. Second Pic is stripped and primed. I have painted it black, and started the clear coating, just havent d/l pics yet. I watched and watched Ebay for weeks, and the tanks I liked all bid upwards of $40. cause I wanted a round one. I couldnt believe some of the junk that went for mucho dollars. This is about 3/4 gallon, with cap, and straps. .99 cents and $9.99 shipping lol. Now I need a rear rack for mounting.


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Mine is in the carry bag.
And will be getting a larger tank as well.

See: "STEATH gas tank" thread for other pic's.

Just something different to throw at you.

Troy Fitz.


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I have a 5-star general tank that I'd be willing to sell. It's New-Old-Stock and has never been used. No gas cap either. I bought the last one they had at HandyBikes, but when it showed up I realized I wasn't up to the challenge of figuring out how to mount it on the bike. It will at least need some sort of mount welded to it. Also, schwinn-style beach cruisers might have a problem fitting this tank. It depends on how wide your top tube is, in combination with the two curved tubes under it. I'll take some pictures of it when I get home if anybody is interested.

Asking what I paid for it (have to look it up when I get home), and what it costs to ship to you. I can ship directly with UPS from work, and can quote shipping ahead of time if need be.
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