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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by motoschwinn, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    After the purchase of my new Schwinn Point Beach, I decided to cruise Ebay looking for gas tanks, the are SO many unusual tanks! I think I may have found a nice 3/4 gallon tank that will fit right behind the seat. Anyway the build starts next weekend. Transferring everything from the OLD motoschwinn to the new one....

    Later Taters

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  2. bushido

    bushido Member

    i for one really want a General 5 star moped gas tank, i can find the tank, but not the gas cap...

    what exactly are you searching for on ebay? i type in moped gas tank and only a few show up..
  3. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    I found my tanks on eBay under lawn mower gas tanks...
  4. Anything like this??? First Pic is how I recieved it. Second Pic is stripped and primed. I have painted it black, and started the clear coating, just havent d/l pics yet. I watched and watched Ebay for weeks, and the tanks I liked all bid upwards of $40. cause I wanted a round one. I couldnt believe some of the junk that went for mucho dollars. This is about 3/4 gallon, with cap, and straps. .99 cents and $9.99 shipping lol. Now I need a rear rack for mounting.

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  5. Mine is in the carry bag.
    And will be getting a larger tank as well.

    See: "STEATH gas tank" thread for other pic's.

    Just something different to throw at you.

    Troy Fitz.

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  6. Alan

    Alan Member

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  7. Good idea Carrot, and still leaves you room to carry tools and stuff securely.....
  8. sjackson

    sjackson Member

    I have a 5-star general tank that I'd be willing to sell. It's New-Old-Stock and has never been used. No gas cap either. I bought the last one they had at HandyBikes, but when it showed up I realized I wasn't up to the challenge of figuring out how to mount it on the bike. It will at least need some sort of mount welded to it. Also, schwinn-style beach cruisers might have a problem fitting this tank. It depends on how wide your top tube is, in combination with the two curved tubes under it. I'll take some pictures of it when I get home if anybody is interested.

    Asking what I paid for it (have to look it up when I get home), and what it costs to ship to you. I can ship directly with UPS from work, and can quote shipping ahead of time if need be.
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  9. bushido

    bushido Member

    ^ I sent you a PM.
  10. crabdance

    crabdance Member

    come on with those pictures!
  11. Thanks for that link Carrot!
    I've been having problems delivering Pepsi Slurpee's to my wife and myself for an afternoon of brain freeze. It seems when I make it home it's half melted!
    But I bet with a cooler like that it can stay cool!

    ... and you know,I bet your fuel stays cool too when it's really hot out.
  12. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Heineken is sold in something they call a "DraughtKeg" - 5 liters, banded keg shape, rolled seams. I think one of those (emptied of beer, of course) would make a great fuel tank. WalMart here carries them. $29.85, full of beer, and the keg is yours to modify.
  13. sjackson

    sjackson Member

  14. wayja

    wayja New Member

    Did you find a buyer? I am interested if not. Please PM me.

    Thank you,

  15. bushido

    bushido Member

    thanks again jackson for putting those pictures up. I'll let you know what i decide.
  16. sjackson

    sjackson Member

    Bushido has dibs at the moment. I'll tell you what I told him though, It's going to take a lot of modification to get this tank to work on a bicycle, which is why I'm letting it go.
  17. wayja

    wayja New Member

    Thank you for the reply. I am looking at building a custom frame and this would be a good starting point. Let me know if you don't have any takers.