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Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by ollicat, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Has anyone here made a GEBE powered cool tadpole? I don't see too many powered tadpoles. I know that the bikes are quite a bit more expensive but they sure do look comfortable. I saw a picture somewhere of a rear wheel GEBE powered tadpole. Anyone here responsible for that? Can you post a picture and tell me what you think of the setup of you did?

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    In a flash of light, it just came to me... tadpole is owned by scooterguy i think me'es remembers

    Some crazy pics... how many tanks of GAS !!!!!!!!

    this is the link that started the whole recumbent craze and shortly after trikes !!!!!!!!

    in the early days i found images of a gebe mounted to a 20 inch wheel using a bucket lid as the drive wheel, now that was cool but that was on a 2 wheeler
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    I wonder how loud that engine seems with it being right behind the rider's head.
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    well ask the scooterguy, he builds kits for a living and is the vendor area, or send him a PM