Cool old Smith Motor Wheel 1917

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    I saw this on our local PBS station today. A collector of old glass plate negatives found this picture in a photo collection. Taken is St. Louis, Mo 1917. Looks like a sweet ride. Is that a carbide lamp? Enjoy.

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    I've seen those before. However it's been so long ago, I completely forgot about them. Gee ! How technology has changed, huh ? Thanks for sharing !
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    I could build one nearly identical to that for less than 1/20 of the asking price. Actually, I have a PDF of the design drawings and manual for that thing on disc somewhere here in the apartment. I need to dig that out and post it one of these days.
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    Well gee wizz that looks just like a villiers engine on that auto wheel.

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    i think it was the genesis of motormakers pusher. after seeing his i bought a moped, sawed it in half and attached what was left to an occ chopper with one bolt and rode off into the sunset.
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    at school at the ag-farm in the shed we have 2 complete villiers mk12 or mk10 4 strokes they both go and at my dads mates farm in murray bridge i found an almst complete 4 stroke mk 10 or mk12