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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Cookie, Oct 31, 2006.

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    I like the bike furniture one...
  3. Cookie

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    now we know what to do with all those extra parts
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    Thanks for the links Cookie, I like that camo bike in the gallery, lol...Kelly

    P.S. I know some one thats getting a new shiney motor off of Ebonita soon.
  5. Cookie

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    Kelly: my old camo bike is for sale has been down in New Orleans for over a year running in that chemical goooo but the bike still runs :)

  6. we should make this thread sticky - these sites are a good resource and we can add more cool links in this thread... :?:
  7. gone_fishin

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    this is your 'board...done!

    ty, cookie...btw, feel free to post that bike in "buy/sell/trade" if it's still available 8)
  8. Tom

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    I updated the resources page to include some of these.
  9. I never clicked on the resources page before :oops:
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    This seems to be the place to add this "island" idea.

    An sculptor friend from Charlottesville, VA used to spend 4 months of the year in Jamaica. Everytime he flew down there, he would send along 4 items: a mountain bike, dome tent, igloo cooler and a boom box.

    Because of tariffs or shortages, he could sell those 4 items and pay for his entire plane ticket with the profits. Just food for thought, because I have heard about soldiers UPSing their engine kits to overseas posts, like Okinawa, where bikes are cheap.

    Having a motorized bike in the Carribbean would probably turn heads and bring top dollar offers.....
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  12. srdavo

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    cool article....I've read some of his stuff. He made a coast to coast ride a few years back, in honor of the 1st motor vehicle to cross this great country. IT WAS A MOTOR-BICYCLE! he built a replica. somewhere on the net there's the story of his trip.
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  14. bamabikeguy

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    I wrote Rif Addams, invited him to the forum, he wrote back today:

    Hi Paul!
    It is a pleasure to meet a fellow 'Long DistanceMoto-Biker'!!! I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do such adventures... I will certainly go to the forum and do a bit of "bench racing/adventuring".
    Yeah my computer is having issues and I was not able to get back into my page to edit/revise/continue my story.
    That's about right though, as I nicknamed Wyoming "the Vortex" Once you get in you can't get out. I was plagued with problems and it took a week to get rolling out of Evanston, WY- Then got lost in the desert with no supplies, gas, or phone. We finally ended up loading up the bike in the support truck and driving to Fort Fred Steele, where I resumed the ride and crossed into Nebraska where I found the BEST riding of my adventure.
    In July I will once again be riding across the country on my motor-bicycle.
    I am going from Tacoma, WA (my happy home) to Portland, IN for the annual V.M.B.C. (Vintage Moto Bike Club) meet.This is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, of the Moto-bike meets in the country.
    I am in the process of building the bike specificly for long distance *abuse* adventuring.
    Thank you for the e-mail- we'll talk more soon,
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    I love those web pages really cool
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    sorry, i had to "un-sticky" the thread...feel free to bump it with a "cool site" link anytime ya find one 8)
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    Love the furniture aswell Tom.
    Here's a site I know you will enjoy. ( The National Cycle motor Association of UK ), or their Magazine web page " "
  19. Pirate cycles has some pretty unique photos too.
  20. KCvale

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    Ahh, a revived 3 year old topic, you just got to love forums for that ;-}

    I don't sell parts and build for locals for the most part but but I do a pretty fair job of documenting what I do with text and pics and post some tutorials and such.

    Beside the KC's Builds page with pics of most of my builds I also have a Bike FAQ section with a pretty good sum-up of what is what including performance parts and of course a forum if you want to check it out, the link is in my sig.