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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by juliman, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. juliman

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    hey guys , i was thinkin about something today...not good , lol.......and i had this idea, if you were riding along and your motor started to over heat, you would have to sttop and let it cool down for a while, if it over heats then it will decrease engine life and your probably gunna be late for work lol, so i thought why not mount a windscreen washer pump out of a car ( about 2/3-1/2 the size of my fist) on to the frame with a fan blade on it pointed at the motor, you could hook it up to the light cable( cable used for light s lol duh)
    and if u stopped at a light it woulkd keep your motor cool, you wouldnt even need a switch or a battery, the electric motors are cheap and last long and if it ran while you were riding down the street it wouldnt have much effect but it all still helps, ok ill try to explain my theory.

    fan on frame,hooked up to wires used for lights from magneto
    fan points into cooling fins
    blows heat/ air through when idleing/ not moving but motor is running
    helps add more air when moving? should help engine life? plz add thoughts and try it ( i havent got a motor on my bike yet still savin lol, got 200$ )

    lol nother quick idea, wat if the fan was in a shroud so the little blade doesnt cut your leg

    soz for posting twice but i thought i put it in a bad spot first time lol
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  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Won't work, the small motor will draw too many amps and those motors are 12V where as the out put of the white wire is somewhere 7.5V....turn on the fan and it will kill the engine.

    Back to the bathroom......
  3. I live in texas

    It gets well over 100 degrees and I have driven 25 miles at a time and never had a problem....Fans are not needed for the engines....
  4. juliman

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    lol yer ok just an idea
  5. craisin

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    computer fans run on 5.5 volts you maybe able to get a voltage regulator cheap as.
  6. motorpsycho

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    first of all, why would your motor overheat? It's air cooled is it not? if you are riding / moving, the air rushing past the cooling fins on the head will cool the motor.
    and you say, you'd have to stop to let it cool down....actually a non running hot motor will only get hotter as it sits not running because there is no air flow going past the cooling fins to dissipate the heat.
    motorcycle motors. lawnmower motors, weedeaters, go karts, minibikes, etc. , 2 strokes and 4 strokes have been built like this for a reason and they have been this way for many years....I have NEVER seen one overheat except when one is running too lean....and in that case, the motor usually just locks up.
    unless your motor is totally surrounded by a fairing where no air can flow past the head, or if it is liquid cooled..there woudl be no need for a cooling fan.
  7. craisin

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    its not as if I favour having a cooling fan.
    Better 2 stroke oil is a better way around the problem.
    If your using plain motor oil that will be the problem.

    Some people seem to think you can use more low-quality oil per litre of gas, but your lowering the octane rating.

    Im not saying you are doing these things
  8. DougC

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    I don't have a HT engine and am not real familiar with 2-strokes..... how would you know that your engine was overheating, other than it stalling out (the carb vapor-locking)?
  9. juliman

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    ok thanks guys i gues this was just a silly idea my imagination came up with, lol but thanks this might help other ppl with the same idea lol, and now i really think about it you guys are right
  10. Danny3xd

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    Howdy Juliman. Some of the best ideas are "silly" Keep right on letting your mind wonder and sharing. I have a buddy in AZ who does, well did (he switched to 4 smokers) have a problem with over heating. We got to BS'in about it and I designed a cooling system for him based on a drip coffee maker. Have you ever soldered a pipe? all the heat draws water to the heat source. A modern coffee maker does the same thing. (no pump)

    So, if you put a small radiator on the down tube behind the front wheel and wrap the head in copper tubing. Connect it to the in and outfall of the radiator, in theory, should circulate hot and cooled water. (LOL, I know "in theory")

    I live in CT so hot is not a big problem but want to make one of these some day just to see. On the 2 smokers, I do see a power loss when they get hot.

    Keep posting! If we were sane, we all would never have met. lol
  11. motorpsycho

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    you're right. Some of the best inventions were made by accident. sometimes a "crazy" idea turns out to be something great.
    but this idea?
    Why bother?
    these motors were deisnged with cooling fins for a reason and they have been made this way since day 1.
    They work perfectly fine the way they are.
    if it aint broke, don't fix it.
  12. Danny3xd

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    You couldn't be more right. Is true. Ya can fix it to the point of no longer working. I push the envelope way to much, but is fun blowing stuff up. (hehe, when I have back-up parts!)

    Was just thinking about this thread. The cooling system on the GX 50s and the HSs are some amazing work. I have trouble getting my Honda to a happy, hot temp. She no likey de cold. Runs like a banchie HOT. My 2 smokers, love it cool to cold. Hot does lose some power.
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  13. juliman

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    ok thanks danny, you sound just like me, but more encouraging lol, like to blow stuff up and good with mechanics/ tinkering... lol
  14. Jax Rhapsody

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    Dont forget Some cars too.
  15. loquin

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    Most small motors which have CARBII/EPA approval have a shroud and a blower (usually part of the flywheel) to force air over the fins. This provides a relatively steady air flow, and serves to maintain a more stable engine temperature. Which, in turn, provides a more stable environment for improved engine emissions.
  16. motorpsycho

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    emissions ? what's that?
  17. Danny3xd

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    "Emissions? We don need no stikin' emmissions!"

    (big time welcome Juliman. If advent or invention were not needed, we would all be on Scooters, "real" MCs or if we had a bit of smart, our cars. lol)
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  18. Danny3xd

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    Not sure why would be "on" our cars, but you know what I mean.....
  19. juliman

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    lol yup , and i get the thing with the shroud and fan on flywheel , on some of my other little two stroke ewngines the have it
  20. Danny3xd

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    Juliman, just rambling and in the fun of your thread. There is a Japanese phrase, "Shin-dow-goo" (SP, big time) It literally means "Demented Machine" But infers a device meant to make your life easier, but presents it's own host of problems. I really, really want to name a biz this. IMHO, describes MBs to a TEE! lol