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Has anybody used copper pipe for their exhaust? I have an X-Can that has chrome plated stingers made from copper. I know this because they are stamped NIBCO ???? Copper plumbing fittings. The dealership that I bought it from reccomends using JB weld to attach extensions. Has anyone done this?? Will copper hold up? Will JB weld take the heat?
I have seen in some of the rack mount threads about exhaust that they are using copper pipe to make mod exhaust systems. JB weld is rated up to 600 degree F. so it would take the heat my only thought about it is that it might not stand up to the vibration. Maybe silver solder?
Braize it

Thanks for the info. I want to extend this pipe to the rear. The copper fittings are easy to route. I knew it was just too easy to JB it together. I have a Mapp gas / O2 torch. I think I'll braize it all together with a brass/copper rod. Good info on the copper Ghost.
Thats right! Braze it!

Have made the mistake of silver sodering my vintage outboard exhausts, and they get so hot they fall apart, good idea, braize it.
Dont use JB Weld It does not like heat.
Suprisingly --Red RTV will seal (NOT attach) a copper or steel pipe to another copper or steel pipe, as long as no stress is applied to the joint.