copper plumbing fittings

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sully1617, Apr 28, 2016.

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  1. sully1617

    sully1617 Guest

    has anyone out there use a 90 degree copper fitting to turn the carb away from the frame for clearance? i know someone who tried it last year and it worked for him but his ride got ripped off and we don't know how long it lasted. i'm curious and wan't to try it myself because my carb and air filter are right up against my seat tube making it a pain in the butt to clean the filter.

  2. butre

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    over the years I've made a couple hundred intake plenums from copper plumbing and they've all held up. it's readily available and easy to work with, what's not to love?

    I like making things out of steel as much as the next guy but butane is just so much cheaper than acetylene
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  3. sully1617

    sully1617 Guest

    thanks, that's what i was looking for