Copper Spark Plug shim for modified engines, etc. Found!

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by StrontiumEthics, Sep 6, 2012.

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    I one read some time ago that having exposed threads in your combustion chamber can lead to really bad detonation. On my engine I realized that after some time riding the power seemed to dwindled a little then come back. When I tested my NGK b8hs I realized that about 2 threads were in the chamber after I tightened it down. I spend some time searching and found a place where I can get the copper shims needed and I picked up a few. extremely reasonably priced and shipping is very fair. Will be testing to see if these improves any performance or corrects any problems. I'll try to keep you guys posted!

    ALSO- i think it should allow you to use some entended-tip spark plugs.

    The site doesn't specify the thickness I measured 1.4mm thick per shim and they fit very nicely around my spark plug

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    Projector nose spark plugs (in theory) should work better than non-projector nose spark plugs.
    Indexing washers (should in theory) make a small difference to power.
    Grinding away the ground strap so it is at the edge and clear of the centre electrode should in theory allow the flame kernel to expand unimpeded by the ground strap and give slightly more power.

    Whether all of this actually translates to improved power is debatable, but i'm taking comfort in the theory by using an NGK BP6HS and indexing washers.
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