Copper wire/over Carbon?

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    On 66cc Slant I've done alot of mods. I've milled, ported, and etc. Ok, there's a very long strip /HILL of road about 400 yrds long that I ride a couple of times a week. The best I can top this hill is right at 15 mph, and then the bike continues back to mid twenties to 31+ I've already replaced stock plug wire, but it was still carbon automotive based.

    Other day, I was in a older auto store, and they had 7mm 100% copper wire. So, I put on bike and took same route up that same hill. Uno, the bike with same mods as before, but with copper wire, topped hill at 21.3 mph?

    Question being? Could of that little wire helped that much?:thinking:

    Glen PS-Keep in mind I weigh 255, and bike is 70lbs =325:sweatdrop:
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    mine runs better with an old msd 8.5mm supercore carbon wire than it did with a copper core wire.