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    I dont know if this in the right place, but I live in a small town in alabama and I recently bought a bicycle ( haven't owned one in a few years). anyway I got tired of pedaling after a day or so and I just had knee surgery. anyway I think up putting a chainsaw motor on it, never seen a bike like this but found this site looking around. so I pick up a chainsaw for 50 bucks at a pawn shop its about 50cc I think, mcculloch timber bear with a 20in bar. pull start was saftywired on and then the clutch breaks before I get to ride the bike. so I changed it from a sprocket to friction drive so i can push start it. get everything mounted up ready for a test ride sure enough it runs beautifully. Faster than I expected, down hill you can hit the power band and get up est. 40+ ( we were passing cars ) anyway I get ready to make my first trip its maybe a mile round trip so I get on ( still no chain attached so I get a little push and im off) I get almost to my destination I come around a turn and who do I see but a cop (well I soon learn hes a detective ) im not wearing a shirt or helmet which on a bicycle would be ok, but I keep riding not to fast hoping he wont follow but he gets in his car and pulls me over tells me hes about to wright me 6 tickets for no lights, turn signals, helmet, motorcycle license, registration, insurance all that good stuff. I tell him I didnt know what i was doing was illegal I figured under a certain cc's and its assisted I would be legal but in alabama any motorized vehicle must have all of those things. he let me off with a warning and now im pedaling again.

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    The officer that pulled you over is correct, because here in Al we have a jerk legislature. I always wear a helmet and obey all traffic laws. I have never been stopped in spite of passing many local, county and state officers. They, up to this point, all seem to have more important issues of law enforcement to deal with than wasting time giving me grief. You might want to read this thread:

    Take the legislation referenced in the thread and speak to your local Chief of Police (assuming you were stopped by local PD) and see if you can reach an understanding. All he can say is no.
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    oh I know he was correct it just blows that I didnt even get to enjoy my toy for ten minutes
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    I can feel for your situation!

    On July 4th, I got arrested and brutally thrown on the ground and brused up badly by a power-tripping cop, not even 5 miles from home, because he thought my bike trailer was actually a pressure-washer and that I was pedaling really fast trying to steal it!

    I know he felt like a dummy when he realized what it really was, and the cops were standing around it starting at it in shock because they never saw anything like that before.

    Now I'm fighting a bogus charge of resisting arrest, because the cop couldn't legally do anything at all about my bike, so he had to try to find something to get me for to cover the fact he was an idiot, even though I never resisted, just asked questions as to why I was being arrested.

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