Cops: Man hits motorized bike rider with shovel

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by arceeguy, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. arceeguy

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    Full story here.

    I love the defense attorney's excuse. Hilarious! "Mr. Milder (the perp) was trying to warn the rider that he better slow down and quit horsing around before he ended up hitting someone, and then Mr. Milder ends up being the one that gets hit by the biker." And Mr. Milder just happened to have a shovel in his hand while trying to "warn" the driver. Frickin' lawyers.

    Remember, shovels don't hit people - people hit people.

    Look out for pending shovel control legislation in Illinois. :jester:

  2. fasteddy

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    Now I feel a need to buy shovel insurance.

  3. give me vtec

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    thats what happens when you live in a liberal city.
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  4. fasteddy

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    Just because your out in the middle of the street swinging a shovel and some speeding motor bike rider runs into it why is it always your fault?

  5. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I probably would have been so ****ed at the disrespect I would have taken the shovel from him and hit him back with it.
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  6. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I would have given it back handle first
    inserted in rear orifice between cheeks :cool2:
  7. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I've got a funny feeling that the MB rider was ambushed by the shovel wielding "do-gooder", and was in no shape to fight back after he got walloped.

    There must be some interesting story behind this! The attacker might have had words with the MB'er previously? I can't imagine why a guy with no prior arrest record would just jump out and smack someone with a shovel for no reason. Could the defense lawyer be telling the truth, and Mr. Shovel was the victim when he got "hit" by the crazy MB rider? :goofy:
  8. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    yeah you are probably right. I smile and wave and usually get smiles and waves back. The most common reaction is like when a little boy sees his first bike, a big smile out of sheer amusement... not a shovel wielding maniac.
  9. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Make a bet after the crazed motor bike rider got slapped a couple of times with the shovel he was not thinking of getting even. Probably more about what the heck and just how bad is it?

    I think after you heal you start thinking how do I do it and get away with it.

  10. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    no way... I would have taken the shovel. I just get mad, I don't get scared. But that is if it was unprovoked.... If I felt like it was deserved I probably would have just ridden home. I'm pretty big on Karma.
  11. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Vtec-- I've never been hit by a shovel but I did have a one sided dipute with a gentleman who was carrying a pick axe handle.
    My experience based on that was that perhaps,given just where you are hit you may be able to retaliate.
    I was 3 years younger than you at the time and a serious weight lifter and the last thing on my mind was taking the handle away from him.
    Yes we did meet up again. No he did not enjoy it. No weapons involved.

  12. SimpleSimon

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    There isn't enough information there to make an informed judgment. I do think it likely that the MB rider was pretty stunned by the fall, being knocked flying by a shovel weilding madman. It is noted that he remained lieing in the street when the cops arrived.

    As to provocation, who knows? Believe me, there have been a whole bunch of occasions on which I have wished gross bodily harm upon riders of loud screaming 2 stroke bikes improperly muffled. Mufflers exist for a reason, and just because you as a rider like the sound, it is quite likely your neighbors despise it. So, was the rider cruising up and down the street, engine screaming through straight pipes?

    I don't know, and even if he were, it wouldn't justify assaulting him in the public road with a deadly weapon (or just your hands). Call the cops instead - it is, after all, what they are there for.
  13. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Milder has no criminal history in Kane County other than traffic citations in the 1990s.

    With a temper like that, probably road rage related!

    We should wait for him to get out of the clink and hold a rally in MILDER's Alley!

    Have a holeshot pit on his front lawn!
  14. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    Well, that's why I have a permit to carry a concealed shovel.
  15. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    you are right, I guess my taking the shovel from the guy would depend on where he hit me.
  16. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    We'll solve this. Never mind he had no work to do with it in the middle of the road. We'll have a Nation wide "shovel ban"!
  17. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Machiasmort--I'll start on the banners and signs right away. Do you want shovelmans picture on them?

  18. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    We should wait and see what happens to him. If he don't get jail time, everbody should get together and send him a shovel full of dirt in a flat rate box. What would he do with them all if he got a couple hundred! Add a little MB oil to make sure he couldn't put it to good use. $10 flat rate!
  19. Turtle Tedd

    Turtle Tedd Member

    In Florida a shovel is a garden tool until you attack someone with it ..then it becomes a "deadly weapon" then legally deadly force of any kind can be used..
  20. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I like this... this is reasonable.