cops pulled me over

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by masterx1234, Mar 4, 2011.

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    When i was out filling my tank at the gas station yesterday two cops the state trooper and the sheriff pulled up right beside me! i was so nervous, i thought they was gonna give me some kind of ticket!, but no i was wrong, all he wanted to ask me was how it worked, we had an ongoing conversation for like 10 minutes, LOL im friends with our local cops now, its good to know they respect us motorbikers. he never even once asked me for my license or anything regarding legality of my motorbike, technically speaking a moped license is required but i never bothered getting one. he said he didnt care as long as i rode safely and use my hand signals, he said considering its a friction drive it doesnt classify as a moped, and he said id be ridiculous trying to license it, i couldnt believe it but im 100% legal baby!

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    WOOHOO! Score one more for a motor bicyclist! That's great news!
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    Just another example that the police are not all 'bad'. Granted, there are a few hard nosed AH's out there...but for the most part they are friendly, curious, and willing to help; that is, as long as you are not riding like a maniac, are obeying the rules, and are polite to them and other folks out there (cagers & pedestrians, alike.) It has never hurt me, or cost me more than a few seconds, to yield to someone who can not make it thru a crosswalk as fast as a 20 yr old jogger.
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    From what I've experienced personally and read here it seems that the police are not at all hostile to an engine on a bike.

    I even get the impression that most are willing to look the other way even in places where they are specifically outlawed as long as the rider is being cool.

    From time to time I've seen posters here with horror stories about being harassed by the police whenever they got on their bikes. But reading (between the lines) what they had to say it was not hard to see that they had a chip on their shoulder. I'd bet a good chunk of money that it showed in their riding style. Even in the few cases where this was not obvious, the suspicion remains.

    But you'll also see a number of cases much like yours; the cops were friendly and enthusiastic and curious.

    If you haven't already, then you might want to invest just a bit in good lights, brightly colored clothing, reflective vest for night and low-visibility riding, that sort of thing. You'd be surprised how much respect you get from the motorists. And the police, once they recognize you become downright protective. It's an investment that pays very well.
  5. I've been getting a little worried lately. More and more people are getting them where I live and some of them are a little obnoxious the way they drive.
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    If you keep it legal, there's not reason to get nervous around cops. Even if they stop you, what can they do to you if you're legal. I never let them bother me weather I'm on my motorized bike or in my car. If I'm legal, don't break the laws, why allow myself to be intimidated ? Keep up the good work of being legal and safe !
  7. seems police are curiouse and they want to look, first time i took mine for a test drive it turned heads, you hear a moped but then see a cycle go past, had a lot of people asking questions when i stop. but then in the uk they are rare and people have never seen them before
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    I live in MN. and a cop lives 2 houses down and 1 one block down. and he's never said anything, and I know they have seen me in town and once at a gas station. Iam not licensed but insured. full coverage baby. Gonna need it if i go over the front.
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    I don't know if auto insurance would cover your medicals if you get into an accident on a MB.
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    Its moped ins.
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    The same thing happened over here in France last Summer whilst riding a bgf friction drive bike. I stopped & pulled in to the gas station to put air in the front tyre when suddenly i got some funny looks from people filling up their car's then a geezer on a triumph bonneville stopped for gas aswell. During which a funny thing happened in that everyone was intrested in the MB i was riding & ignoring the triumph plus the gorgeous chick sat on it waiting for her boyfriend to pay his gas bill. Eventually i must of had about 5or 6 people asking me questions about the build, mpg distances, cost of build etc then the triumph owner came over looked at the MB and gave it a thumbs up. Unfortunately that particular MB didn't last long afterwards however i've since bought a new engine honda GXH 50 + Titan RUI 124 carburetor. Thus hopefully after soon purchasing a new French made bike (not Chinese like the previous MB kit) i'll be putting the engine to good use and hopefully this Spring/Summer a few more heads will be turned:cool:

    Cheers and enjoy MB riding
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    I live down south and just yesterday during Mardi Gras I had a 30 min conversation about my bike with the District Attorney, not only was he stoked about it, he wanted to build one himself, motor bicycles opening doors to new friendships and hopefully a better world lol
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    I've been stopped numerous times by the boys in blue while on my electric bike. Not for doing anything illegal but because they are just curious about how i am able to go uphill and not have to pedal. It's mostly them just being curious and nothing else. MBs are very rare around here. Most people would rather hop in their SUVs just to run down to the corner store to get a loaf of bread then hop on anything with two wheels. I guess it's just too dangerous or that's the excuse they use.
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    i found one other guy in a town of 17000 people and he just gettin into it im helping him get started and we are it in sikeston mo and to top it off he rides a trike he is looking at a belt drive with a 49cc 4 stroke but im glad there arent many that rides these here that means less attention from the cops although it is legal i dont want no bad press.....