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    Does any one remember the Corgi.
    Now these were made during the 2ww for paratroopers to have with them when they lands in France as means of transport.
    It was compact scooter with a fuel tank right above the engine which was horizontal Villiers (same as use on the Francis Barnett power bike see my post under newies) They little small wheels and the handlebars folded back on top of the fuel tank. The paratroopers took them with them as the jumped out of the planes.
    Several power bile companies used the Villiers motors Francis Barnett being just one, others like the shaft drive Scott made their own motors, At high School one of the teachers had a NSU Quicky

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    Just found out the original Corgi was called a Welibike and later redesigned as a Corgi
    This web site has quite a bit about them. Or put Corgi in the search engine and see what pops up.
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    Here is a picture of one I took at WWII Weekend in Reading Pa A couple of years ago. This one runs well. They were driving it all around the event that weekend.


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