corner leaning



i was messeing around in the back yard and was thiking what is the farthis a person can lean when enturing a corner and how low can you go place vid or pic here
I didn't have a camera handy but I was leaned pretty low into a high speed corner when first testing out these little engines....I would guess that the top tube on my bike was no more than a 2 feet or so from the street!....Of course
a millisecond later I kissed the concrete ;-( HA

These are still bicycles with lots of added weight and stress on frames and wheels. You might get away with treating it like a motorcycle for a while but sooner than later she'll let you know she's a bike after all.
i completely wasted a great rear wheel & hub by overstressing it in "circle-track" races with and learn.
My chicken strips are thin...
But Jim H is absolutely correct! One fateful day She'll let you know she's only a bicycle after all:


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Since I added a motor, I find that I go a lot faster in a straight line and a lot slower around corners. I'm cool with that.
As I think about it, I was taking some fairly hard leans not so long ago which may have contributed to the demise of my last wheel. It seems a lot of us riding these things go 200 lbs+-. Guys like us need triple wall steel rims and 8g spokes but then we might as well ride MCs again.
I didn't go down. It fell out from under me just as I giot off of a four lane highway...
I guess 2,500 miles at 35-40 M.P.H, on vile road surfaces, and hard leaning into some of the sweetest curves you'll ever find was just too much for a 100 year old frame!