correct BB to 3 piece wide cranks?

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  1. SlugMan

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    Hello to all,
    I just ordered the, 'wide crank set' from BikeBerry, but not much info is listed in the description. I'm putting this on an old beach cruiser frame, so the crank arms will clear my new expansion chamber.
    My frame has the bigger american style BB, so I'm conserned about the crank set fitting. I can't tell from just looking at the picture what style it comes with. I would just call the company, but they are not open during the weekends.
    Does anyone know, what style BB this kit comes with?

    Here is the link to the product.

    I also figured the cranks were made a little better, because they cost more... I hope I didn't get screwed!

    Here is the link of the BB conversion kit. (American to Euro)

    Any help would be appreciated :)

  2. srdavo

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    according to this: ,
    you should get every thing you need for the conversion.

    Let us know how it turns out.

    We like pics!!! :D
  3. SlugMan

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    So your saying, all one piece cranks are american style BB? This would make since, since ya have to put the whole crank assembly through the BB, it would almost need to be bigger.
    Is my thinking correct?
  4. srdavo

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    the crankset you ordered comes with the larger, one-piece bearings & needed adapters.
  5. SlugMan

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    Ok, thanks Dave,
    I was a little worried... I started reading threads about people ordering their 3 pc crank sets and then had to order the BB conversion kit. Just wanted some peace of mind.
    Can't wait till they arrive, then I can install my expansion chamber. My neighbors will be grateful. I now have a short pipe, basicly the muffler was chopped off. LOUD!
    This should lower the noise some.
    Thanks again :)