Correct me if i'm wrong, plus i have another problem.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by adrian101, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. adrian101

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    Wiring connection:
    Black wire on the magneto goes to black wire on the coil pack
    Blue wire on the magneto goes to blue wire on the coil pack
    White wire on the magneto goes to yellow/red coming from the throttle
    Green wire from throttle is earth

    Is this correct or have i placed them wrong? reason i ask is my kill switch is not working. Where do you guy's place the earth on your bikes?

    One thing the manual didn't explain is the wiring...

  2. Nougat

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    Black to black, blue to blue, engine to CDI. Cap the white wire. One of the wires from the kill switch should be spliced into the black CDI connection, the other into the blue (doesn't matter which).

    When the kill switch is closed (pressed), it creates a short across the black and blue wires, killing the CDI, and the engine along with it. When the kill switch is open, no short, engine runs.

    I used to have my kill switch wired to the white and a frame ground, and it never ever worked.
  3. i have it wired to white. works fine. but i will re-wire it over tho. anyone have an idea what voltage the white kicks out. i need to come up with some sort of charge system for 6 volt batteries...
  4. Nougat

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    6V, roughly 3W. Don't draw too many watts off of the white wire, or you'll sap too much away from the CDI.
  5. nah ive got a 6 volt system but i tried a 6 volt 3w dynamo and it fried the battery. really nasty smell came from it. is a recharge but i guess to much charge going in.
  6. adrian101

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    Thanks Nougat, works now, now i dont have to close the chock on the carby to kill the engine lol :)