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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by japat100, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. japat100

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    some members say the cost of improved bolts and nuts ,,gaskets ,instructions would increase cost , it would cost you less ,,go run around town ,,thats if you live near a town in a car,,,,,remember bike not running yet" with these gas prices and look for extras, and keep track ,,so far i am guesting it cost me 60 or 70 dollars ..and it might have cost me another $5.00 if it came with the kit ,,,,,,and if i did not come across this forum it might have cost me my motor ..i was not told about this forum by the seller and only came across it by accident ,,so how many people that bought kits never head yet about this forum 90 percent ,,you would think sellers could at least pass on that information,,, some members may say just do a web search ,,well i did and ended up joining another forum that was suppose to help me with these kits ,,all they wanted to talk about is meeting biker chicks ,and pic of young girls half nude laying across bicycle ,, what the hell has that got to do with nuts and bolts , and bicycle kits ,,i am not going to live long enough to figure out women ,,but might live long enought to figure out these bicycle kits ,
    to put together instructions and tips and what not to do etc. on one page for beginners would be a great help ,,but we must also find away to let the other 90 percent know about this forum ,, because at one time we were all part of the 90 percent


  2. I dont think the small hardware and stuff would increase the cost to much but I'd like to see better castings with better fit/finish which would drive up the cost a bit.

    I didnt need any other parts from the kit side of things to get going but my bike was in rough shape needing grease, tires, and pedals.

    I'd like to see a carb with a bit more adjustment.
    I'd like a nice looking well finished engine that has modded parts available for it.(like this
    I'd like to have a better more adapable engine mounting setup.
    I'd like to see a well tuned exhuast pipe for the engine and more styles.
    I'd like a rear hub set up for the spocket with a good solid working brake(disc/drum IDC).
    I'd like a combination right hand brake lever/twist throttle/kill switch with matching left hand clutch lever/light switch/accessary switches With remote lever for choke.

    It appears to me that everything you could want in one of these is already out there just not in one package yet.

    Obviously the kits could be better but it would price it way out of reach and we'd be less inclined to mod and tweak it than we are now.
    I, like most everyone else is looking at whats out there and something will pop up sooner or later.
  3. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Kit costs appear to go in $100 increments.

    Lowest is an e-bay "bargain", to deal with a reputable engine supplier with a telephone and business license, is a $100 jump, but to take a "bargain" and upgrade it "on your own" is also $50-100.

    Mid level and high level prices make for higher expectation of customer service.

    However, to start off on the right path, every bike needs a $75-150 upgrade in wheels and tires.

    12 gauge steel wheels start at $40, and you'll spend $80 for aluminum.

    Tires may need replacing, minimum for 2 new stock Pyramids is $25.

    And the slime tube/Mr. Tuffy combo runs about $15 per tire.

    So, if a person comes on the forum, and slaps the best engine on a crappy bike, problems from the bike might transfer to the kit (frame cracks, misaligned/weak spokes), with a snowball effect on the psyche of the rider.

    A breakdown on the road makes for a sour mood after lugging the bike home, and then the sour mood makes a person hasty, overlooking a key repair or losing an all important washer.

    All's can do is keep getting more recommends, rise higher in the search engines.

    Your help in not only getting the word out about us, then helping get new members to read up BEFORE slapping a kit on a peice of junk bike is greatly appreciated, especially by the most satisfied riders.
  4. I know the bike I'm using is sub-par for sure but I just have to watch it more closely and enjoy it the way it is for now.I did replace my dry rotted tires and lubed up the axle bearings and got the brakes working good.Those were all important things to me but might be overlooked by someone who is just to excited to get motoring.
    I only really want/need right now to have better more combined controls to make a neater install and easier to use motoredbike.

    I'm still looking for a heavy duty bike to use and I have seen a few I like but I'll run it the way it is for now and maybe next year pop for the bike I want.
    Some other people might expect to slap a motor on their old bike and end up with a high-end motorcycle, those are the people that will have the most difficult time with these.

    The first thing people need to know about these engine kits should be the basic minimum bicycle requirements for safe motorbiking.
  5. iron_monkey

    iron_monkey Guest

    I speculate one may not need to upgrade the wheel if one buys a pullstart/centirfugal clutch kit and does usual commuting.

    The stresses on the spokes is great when trying to pedal start the engine, as the wheel faces an enoumous change in load.

    I need to stand on the easiest gear to give enough torque to overcome this load; even the steepest hills in my area dont require anywhere near this much initial effort on a normal pushbike. So imo the biggest load on the wheel would be during pedal starting.
  6. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Well, GEBE's use pull starts and the clutch, but it is now getting to be "recommended preparation" for anything better than 16 gauge, either GEBE's 14 gauge or some variety of 12 gauge.

    Workman's 10 g is overkill.

    I'm about to ride around the area looking at three used bikes in the classified ads to add to the stable. I need a wide clearance on the back, for the spokering to clear, but if a person looks for the widest tires, 9 times out of 10 the Happy Time would probably fit in the frame.

    I'd even say 1.75" is the mimimum advisable size, better 2-2.125" if you want to reach the speeds, distances and reliability sucessful riders are enjoying.

    Upgrading the wheels and tires is an investment in "Peace of Mind".
  7. wheels

    I have built many bikes. The minumum wheel I use is steel 105 spoked. I have used some alloys, but do not like what I've seen when they have been crashed.

    My wheel of choice, the virtually indistructable Worksman spoked with 120's and a rolled rim, this wheel rocks! I use the Shimano coaster rears.

  8. mickal1025

    mickal1025 Guest

    mine are .078 and look to be holding up. this is 14 gage? I was worried after all the chatter about spoke size. I've got 197 miles on my bike now. how long before I know for sure?
  9. JosephGarcia

    JosephGarcia Guest

    Personally I got 2 new 12 guage wheels for 30$ total, both cruiser white wall tires for 18$ and two slime tubes (which never failed yet) for 12$ Comes up to around 60$
  10. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    I use whatever spokes come with the cheap 20 year old Huffy's that I dig out of junk piles in people's backyards. No problem what so ever.
  11. I'm so worried about my spokes shreading that I'm having custom F/R 26" rims machined out of titanium(custom spoked), drum brakes built in F/R, engine driven sprocket flange built in, room for a 5-speed cassette and high speed balanced to 80mph with double bearing races thrown in for good measure.

    They should be done in a few weeks and only cost $2600 each.

    Of course I'm kidding but a decent set of rims/tires are a good investment for these bikes.
  12. High end work

    Perfect! and after you get a bunch o money spent on wheels. a certified Rocket Scientist to design and cryogenicly weld the brackets to re-inforce your $79.00 Wal-Mart special, put a 163.00 eBay kit on it, and you can Rock N Roll. You will have the hottest bike in town!!!


  13. Walmart has bikes on sale for $53 bucks, leaves me just for a nice bell(ring, ring).

    Actually I kinda like that felt VI-400 but I'd really like to do a rack-mount on this>
  14. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    What started as a thread about engines u-turned into the cost of bikes, so I'll lob the ball back over the net with some estimates and approximations...

    I think the minimum cost of a decent bike and reliable engine would be $500...

    Sure, a tinkerer and idea-type could shave up to 20-30% off that $500 base cost, but then again it doesn't take long to spend another 100 bucks on gizmos and do-dads.

    I base my guessing on initial research back in 2004-05, then the third newspaper I interviewed with wanted an different angle for a story.

    I proposed a comparison with the only other motorized bike I could find in the area (40 miles away), and the other bike with the Chinese engine got the headline...

    100 miles per gallon These bikes beat the Saudis, oil companies

    Anyway, learning as I went along, seeing the variety of prices of bikes I settled on my preferential choice for $250, which has two important features I think enhances the ride - curved handlebars and gel saddles. It costs me $50 in materials if I want to convert a used mountain bike and add these two items, plus my minimum wage labor. (Straight handlebars irritate my right elbow area after about 10-20 miles).

    So, even with Joey's Chinese setup in the Decatur Daily article, he had $500 in the dealio, and I was offering my New Sun/GEBE setup for $850.

    That would give any person a price range, from low to mediumhigh, with Whizzers in a seperate pricing category.

    Anybody thinking they can put an e-bay bargain on a back of the barn bike, for $200 or so, is going to get their moneys worth, and not be on the road very long. I'm talking about the average person, not an experienced bike enthusiast or tinkerer.
    But if a person wants to ride in reliable fashion, $500 is a good target to shoot for, and "out of the box" like GEBE and Staton type kits, are going to take $50-75 in bike upgrades to work the way they are intended, no matter which bike frame you use.
  15. Well actually the cost of the engine isnt the most important factor as far as I'm concerned, while it is a factor the bike it goes on is more important (IMO) since I feel a good bike will be around much longer than most of these engines a good solid bike is safer and more durable.

    There are lots of things I'd like to see in a kit and there are already a decent amount of different kits but I still would like to see some changes in the kits but for me just beginning I'll settle on the 70cc kit for now.I agree on the handle bars and the seat, I'm finding the handle bars on my old mountain bike a bit harsh and I would like to have front suspension.

    I'm really leaning to the felt VI-400 with a 4-stroke on it for next summer so I'm looking at around $950-1100 with it the way I want it and the engine cost is far less than the bike cost.
  16. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Hey Kicks, a GREAT coincidence for Mrs. Kicks....

    Today's USA Today, check out the "Anatomy of a $22,000 Bicycle"

    The frame is a $5,800 Parlee with an $800 paint job and wheels costing over $6,000.

    For 22 Grand, she could choose ANY COLOR SHE WANTS !!!
  17. If I told her I was spending 22K on a bike for her she'd want to know what color her Harley is.

    She likes her little 200cc motorcycle but I'm going to see if I can get her hooked on the motoredbikes since I think they are just a blast.

    That bicycle is extreme, I like that color scheme also but the carbon fiber just doesnt do it for me, although I guess it is better than most every steel/alloy/aluminum out there.
    The only real down side to that bike is the glued tires oh yeah and the price- :grin: .
  18. npk1977

    npk1977 Guest

    In regards to cost, I was very pleased with the total package provided by spookytooth.

    For less than $500 you get a nice looking bike with heavy duty parts. Of course, you have to pay shipping (but if you live outside of AZ, you save on tax so it's a wash.) Finally, and just as importantly, roland's customer service was top notch.

    To be fair, I only had my bike about a week before it was stolen, so I can not comment on long term durability. But I've been looking to buy a new motorbike. I reckoned that $$$ could be saved by buying a bike off of craigslist and the motor separately. Now, it doesn't seem as if I could save more than a few tens of $$, and then I'd have to put a lot more time into making the thing work. Time should be factored into the equation, and so far has not been mentioned in this thread.