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  1. KDC1956

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    Just how much do you spend to build your own motor bike.
    So far I got over 700 in mine and no motor yet lol Can we say Dunce lol :dunce:
    I have already started to make a list for my next bike I want the cost on this one is way to high but Its a one of a kind like all of them huh.I want to show pic of my build but I have tryed so many time to post pic until I am sick of it.Maybe some day I can post a pic of them.My first is a trike.And the other is a stretch frame bike will be most all black and some chrome on it too.

  2. robin bird

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    how much you spend is not important---it is still a cheap hobby compared to cars or trucks which some guys paying 30-40 grand for even a paint job!!
  3. Troph

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    I have some where in the high $600s into mine. And still not finished with the little things. Also a second one is in planning stages.

    First build:
    Raleigh mojave
    Bikeberry 80cc
    SBP shift kit (and lots of SPB parts)
    Cat eye enduro 8 speedo
    lots of aftermarket hardware (which added up very quickly)
  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    happy if MB cost between 88 to 1,600 dollars

    bout the same as above here

    but with the Robin 35cc friction setup

    I could or would be happy with any two wheels with an engine (( that runs ))
    cost could be between 88 dollars to 1,600 -- and I would be happy as I

    ride the motor bike
  5. HoughMade

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    I told that I spent about $1,000...but I think that was wishful thinking. Heck, I just spent $32 on LED turn signal lamps alone...not including all the other stuff to build the mounts.
  6. skyl4rk

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    don't ask - don't tell
  7. graucho

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    Average is around free to 550.00 for me. My latest Fat tire chopper is at 519.00 estimated to go to 700.00 (I pray it stops there)
  8. mabman

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    Agreed. It is not how much you spend, it is how you spend it. Priced a Harley lately? You could have 10 or more of the best MB's on this board to one.
  9. oldsalt

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    Zone 8 sold me the motor with a nice guarantee so I spent a couple of more dollars than a "zero guarantee" eBay motor. The old bike was free. Bought a light and a speedo and a couple of other trivial things. Total so far: Less than two hundred. But it's tires are many years old, so with replacement the total will go to maybe $225. However, my next bike, now that I'm hooked on them, will be something much more sophisticated and more expensive. Still. this is the cheapest hobby I have.

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  10. Accender

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    I'm $800 in, good deal for a cheap hobby.


    TINKERER Member

    My new build starts today when my frame gets here, im building something very similar to the "Hot Shoe Racer" so far I'm very close to $500 but it's all still a pile of new parts, I'm sure I'll run into a snag along the build.

    I used to build and race Nitro R/C cars, trucks, and boats, the price of building and riding these bikes is pocket change compared to that hobby.
  12. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    How much spent on my MB's doesn't bother me, and my wife usually looks the other way. I don't even count.

    Okay, with "The Dragon Lady", the two Mitsubishi engine and drive assemblies, along with Rockshox fork and two wheels are well over $1500.

    "The Iron Dragon" is stock now, awaiting $500 in front fork and hydraulic disc and built front wheel.

    Then there's "BOB", my push trailer. There's $500 in it so far, including B.O.B. trailer, 6hp engine, Comet CVT and wheel/tire. Needs $150 more in parts and maybe $100 in welding.

    That'll be cheap for me to reach 40mph, my fastest and quickest ride.

    My 2006 Whizzer is my cheapest ride; I traded my son's used laptop for it. Some small parts ordered and Quenton is milling my head. $400 in "Mr. Whizzard" is good enough.

    The Whizzer doesn't need to be fast; it's just a classy bike.

    If necessary, I'll spend big bucks to get it to stop on a dime.

    I KNOW I'll never spend as much as I did on my 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe.
  13. KDC1956

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    Now I don't feel so bad about the cost of my new found hobby. LOL...
    Wife is not real happy with it but oh well.If she only new what all I have on order lol she would kill me.It is fun to build them I think.I may be new to this bike building but its not hard to do at all.Its fun and the cost of this to my 1/4scale model plane building need I say more they can run you out of money fast I have over 2 thousand in my 1/4 scale TaylorCraft model plane.The only thing I see about this hobby is after the first bike you want another one and another and so on.Or it is with me.I was not in to putting a motor on them at first.But now wow its fun to ride them 25 to 40 mph is fast on a bicycle.Heck 18 is fast if you just look at stuff fly by you as you ride.So many ideals come to my mind color size just what all you can stick on it and still not make it look to bad.Just wish I had found this hobby a while back in my younger days.I had more money too lol.Now I am married.:ack2:
    Sure wish there was more people in to this hobby in my town.Think this place is full of snobs.If they only new what they was missing.