Could AMBUCS be a volunteer MB.service?

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    AMBUCS is a national service organization composed of a diverse group of men and women dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. The main webpage is here:

    But specifically I'd like to point out the "wish-list page", and put in my understanding of how the program works.

    Thursday and Friday morning I was in Birmingham, assembling the two PAV-3's with Honda 35cc chain drives (which I'll describe in Rack em). Dave Upton is working to get a really active AMBUC's chapter going in Central Alabama, that's him posing with the two PAV's which we were about to race around Vestavia Hills.

    In simple terms, the family of a disabled child works with a therapist, who can specify one of a variety of AMBUCs trykes, like the samples in Dave's driveway. If the family cannot afford the tryke, the fund-raising arm pays for the tryke.

    Dave says the BEST part is the "ceremony" of giving the tryke, making the child feel part of a group, and this enthusiasm carries over to the rehabilitation.

    We've all seen those disabled kids playing baseball with specially built walkers, that is another AMBUC's project.

    But, in the last two pictures, you can ALREADY SEE where has provided a service.

    Remember when I was trying to get ideas about putting 2 wheels on the front of a bike? I sent the MB.thread to Dave, and this month he took 2 24" Wal-Mart $65 bikes, welded them together.

    The idea is for a parent and a child with Down's syndrome to be able to ride together, and with the possibility of motorizing the "driver's side" of the pair.

    Anyway, you can contact National Ambucs toll free (800) 838 1845, or e-mail them at to see if there is an existing chapter near you.

    Another source for information is your local rehabilitation specialists.

    It is ideal for folks who want to help their community, but do not have necessarily a lot of time to do so. There may be a need for folks who have a little knowledge of chains and sprockets, and like Dave's "doubled up" idea, can think creatively.

    I hope the MB.admins will contact National Ambucs, see if there is something we can do as a community, where a little donated time and/or experience could help a family in our localities.

    Since this is a unique program, it seems nearly perfect for

    Thanks for looking at the AMBUCS links,


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    i was waiting for this presentation, i recall a while ago you mentioning these people :)

    i know i can ask Tom if we can give them a link of prominence, but i'm not sure how much more MBc itself could do...this would fall under the realm of "need more staff" or "ambucs liason wanted"...maybe they have someone onboard who's interests overlap and he/she could fill that spot?

    you've opened the topic, i wholeheartedly endorse ambucs' efforts...let's see what the group can come up with :cool:
  3. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    the email link you posted isn't valid.

    sent to ambucs "publicity coordinator"...

    bama...this will be a good test case on how MBc can get more involved...perhaps someday we'll have a page dedicated to charitable and pay-it-forward orgs.

    ps-i think an e-hub would be perfect for that duo-cycle, you can saddle-bag batteries on both bikes. if you could scrounge up enough amperage, i'd gladly donate 2 12v/55w halogen "headlights" for that crossbar :cool:
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    matter of fact...if dave thinks electric is worth a shot, i'd bet the MBc Community could probably come up with everything he needed but batteries :)
  5. bamabikeguy

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    It would be great if AMBUC's got a little click-on link, it seems to be the type of group that welcomes folks who are so busy they only have an hour a month to help these kids.

    But my thought is when the youngsters then hit teenaged years, and well built MB.bikes/trikes might be THEIR ticket to mobility and part-time work, etc.

    I like the idea of electricity on the doubled up bikes, would some electric folks please make specific suggestions? Dave is not net-savvy, but would take the MB.electricopinion very seriously.

    Should I put the doubled bike down there in electric? Or maybe folks could reply below thread?

    Thanks again.
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  6. gone_fishin

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    step-by-step, bama...we wanna do this right the first time :)

    if dave wants to go electric, we'll open up some sort of community-project topic. meantime, more electric-suggestions (here) might "spark" his interest...please keep us posted on his thoughts about it :)
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    Tom, you're the greatest :D

    bama...there's your link :)

    man, i love this place..."let the solution be the revolution" :cool:
  8. bamabikeguy

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    THANKS !!

    Hopefully some of the AMBUCs folks will come over and add numbers to the ranks !
  9. gone_fishin

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    bama'...any updates for us? i haven't heard a thing from AMBUCS and was wondering if there's an interest or no?
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