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    Well I could do that but the COPS are so PARANOID here as soon as they heard the gas engine running they would tell me I am going to jail because they already told me once. Sounds like a great idea but I dont think it would work here. There a bunch of crooked ******** here they make up the rules as they go along. Like I said before a few years ago people were running scooters and the COPs put half the town in jail because they kept riding them.

    I also heard one of the cops was the first to get a scooter when they did this, talk about hypocrites.

    If this world is to ever advance all internal combustion engines must be destroyed forever. For gods sake look at the news the ice shelf is breaking off from years of mans pollution. And this was not all caused by the engine but other things too.

    Every time someone comes up with a solution the oil companies buy it out because of their greed, well one day the oil companies are going to drown in all the waste they created, the earth will cleanse itself of this vermin.

    You dont want to hear what I have to say.
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    The other mods rightly closed the other thread. On a forum there IS no such thing as "free speech." This site belongs to the owner, and he decides what is to be allowed. And, how it should be said.

    The courts have ruled that an online forum is the equivalent of a newspaper "letters to the editor" section. It is absolutely NOT a violation of free speech to not allow harmful comments to remain. And, "harmful" is decided by the site owner. In fact, the Supreme Court has ruled that IF a user were to force the editor to allow his letter to be printed, that would be violating the EDITOR'S civil rights by forcing them to print something that they did NOT believe in. The editor is NOT forcing you to say anything at all... In addition, Tom, the site, and the moderators could potentially be sued if we let libelous comments remain. And, of course, there's the whole pornography access by minors (although not applicable in this case,) which would force us to remove that type of content.

    Is it a form of censorship? Absolutely. However, we're not being motivated by WHAT you say, so much as HOW you say it. Plain and simple, you're just being a jerk. There's absolutely no need for that.

    That being said, there are two options before you. You can agree to settle down, and stop being the jerk in your posts, or you can be banned. We really don't want to go that second route, but, we will, if we need to. That's up to you.

    The Moderation staff at MotoredBikes.Com
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    rchapman, I am one of the Moderators who felt your thread on the banning of the engines should be closed. I feel you deserve to know why. The thread was closed primarily for two reasons. First, it was escalating into a war of words. This board is not a place for such incivility to be aired publicly. I'm not singling you out, as others contributed their fair share.
    The second reason is that the thread was posted in the wrong forum, and the Moderator who locked the thread even posted links to the appropriate threads and forums to discuss such a matter civilly.
    Though the thread was locked, it still remains for all to read. In that respect, no censorship took place there.
    However, subsequent posts by you have displayed a belligerent attitude, and you obviously have an agenda. We respectfully ask that you tone down your rhetoric, as we intend to keep this board as apolitical as possible.
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    You say Im being a jerk

    I was merely defending myself to one other users insulting comments which were total lies, and your right. If he continued his untrue statement, it would have escalated into a HUGE war. You want to call me a JERK you aint seen nuthin yet. I can be a real ***** if I want to be.

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    Ban the engines ban the engines

    You probably banned me cause your were afraid the engines really would get banned. Guess what? I am starting a campaign over the whole internet to get these things banned. And theres no way you can stop that. I am really ****ed because someone sold me a smuggled engine this **** should be banned. You just wait and see what happens.
  6. If someone makes an untrue statement in your eyes,then just simply disagree.
    Why be abrasive?
    This site has CHILDREN checking out or rides,man.
    This is not considered an adult forum even though a majority of our members are adult.
    We gotta look out for the kids,man.
    There are HUNDREDS of flame forums out there where you can rant.
    And ranting is healthy.
    But here we try to stay positive.
    So can you be cool?

    Here's my take on your view.

    Okay. You were sold an engine that was brought here illegally and you want to see that this is banned.
    But what of this thread?

    See,without making any threats,you can say that this engine doesn't pass regulations or what not but I say you were simply HARASSED by a local law enforcement agency,and by your attitude here I really need to question your attitude with the cop that was making your day.

    The simple fact remains. Yes. We all need an electric car. Yes global warming. Yes ice melting. But we also need to get to work.
    The guys here on this forum are WITH YOU on the environment. Some of us use our motorized bikes to get to work instead of their cars.
    Were the good guys here.
    I wish you could see that.
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    I intened to put dealers selling smuggled engines out of business!!

    Part of my campaign will be to start a class action lawsuit against all these dealers that continue to sell these smuggled chinese engines to the public. I have already contacted an attorney.
  8. rchapman4697

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    why why why

    Why do people always have to USE the KIDS to get what they want that is just wrong man.

  9. loquin

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    No. It's the truth. This is a public forum, and kids DO visit here, all the time.
  10. Well good luck with your quest.
    While your at it,maybe you can try to Ban everything else coming here from China,including about 75% of all the bicycles you see out there.

    Your only gonna make the Happy Time more legal down the road so thank you in advance.

    Here's something else to think about.

    We don't like to ban anyone here,which is why Tom made this forum so we can privately talk with you.
    We care enough to see about maybe being less harsh when it comes to your opinions.
    Most forums would have simply banned you and be done with it.
    So what are you gonna do?
    We really do want you to stay if you can be a bit less harsh.
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    I just reviewed that first thread, the one where you "wish that gas goes to 100 per gallon."

    Everyone else who answered was, for the most part, very restrained, considering what you were saying there.

    And, it seems obvious that, because you can't ride what you wanted, you don't want anyone else to ride them either.

    I agree that the happy time engines are polluters. And that electric mb's are much more green than gas. HOWEVER, they have significant limitations that make them unsuitable for many riders, me included.

    One final point. You aren't banned, yet. If you agree to hold your temper, and not act like a jerk with your posts, you can continue to do so. If you can't agree to this, then, I'm sorry, but, it's goodbye.
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    I think we can all agree to disagree. You may not agree with everything we say, and we may not agree with everything you say. That's fine, that's freedom of speech, that's democratic. We're not saying you can't post your opinions here, but we ARE saying that you have to keep it civil. That's all. There are other boards out there one can get into a flaming match on, but this one is not one of those. It is meant as a family friendly board, one that is meant to be positive. Yes, your discussion about illegal importation and banning can go on, as long as it's kept civil, and in the right forum. It's entirely possible to have an informed, erudite yet apolitical discussion on the matter. Just keep it civil. That is all we ask. That's all we ask of anybody.
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    it's your move...

    :shock: Mr rc chapman,

    hi, i am sorry that the cops are such morons in your neck of the woods...have you considered this: maybe you should have researched this idea before wantingly buying something? you can not begrudge the rest of us poor people cheap transpo, personally, in my opinion, the HT will fade like yesterdays news and something new and wonderful will take it's place...have patience and just let it can always go to the "dark side" as they put it and talk smack there...type in motoredbicycling and there are a few other forums for you to rant at if you feel like venting...we do not like banning folks cuz you may have a wonderful idea to contribute to this forum...why don't you expunge all your negative energy in a different way by going to your local government, mayor, chief of police and show them this?
    these are legal as pedal assited bikes, read this letter if you still wanna fight for your here, maybe you could incorporate it to use on your local officials, we and this forum will stand behind you and your town...send em here! Tom will send you free stickers if ya ask is so much info over 60,000 posts! here is a good one to use as the powers in numbers "theory": united we stand divided we fall! just remeber that someday...
    me, having had both knees acl with meniscus tears and repaired i can't pedal long and i plan to use mine for comuting to work as soon as i can can keep it from vibrating apart, nothing is purrfect my friend and sometimes you just need to let it roll off your back... Really the ball is in your court friend...TTFN
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    fact :i am 14, and the youngest moddy

    fact: my 8 year old bro reads this site daily

    correct me if i am out of line here; but as i see it, you are just a belyacher, and because somthing didnt work out for you, you have to take it out on the rest of us????!?!?!?!? where i come from thats being a sore loser! you SHOULD have checked laws and regs, and you SHOULD have contacted your poliece station if you could not find the law, and you SHOULD know EVERY SINGLE HT IN THIS WORLD COMING TO THE UNITED STATES IS SMUGGLED!!! (EXCEPT FOR THE NEW EPA APPROVED ONES) so once again forgive me if i am out of line, but quit whining!!!

    add on: fact where i am located i am not legal till i turn 15 so i JUST TAKE THE SIDE STREETS AND AM NOT A DOUSHE BAG WHILE DRIVING!!! (meaning i dont go flying down the road, and i abide by all laws and cut the engine and or pedal when i see a cop, or someone with a dog that will be tempted to chase me.)

    yyanow, its posts like that get me steamed up, and ready to climb through the screen "contacted an attourney" cause you got pulled over. if the attourney researches, he will know people jhave tried what you are doing, and have NOT suceeded!!! ~zips mouth shut at risk of an outburst~
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  15. rchapman4697

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    I did research this

    Yes I did research the laws for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks on the laws, before I purchased . But what I did not know is individual cities can make up their own rules that trumps federal and state laws, or they can just make them up as they go along or they can do whatever they want. If they tell you you cant ride your bicycle anymore you cant because if they see you again they will arrest you for it. It is kind of a socialist local government here. Its weird, never seen anything like this. The local lawmakers can ban any kind of bicycle here and there is nothing you can do about it.

  16. rchapman4697

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    I did go to the local city hall

    I did go to the local city hall to ask them if the electric bike is legal and luckily it was. The cop was there that pulled me over and before I could get the word BI CYCLE out of my mouth he inturupted me and said " WE TALKED ABOUT THIS ALREADY" and I told him yes we did, but I have sold the gas engine now and am getting electric. The the city attorney looked up the law in their code book and said yes, electric assisted bike are legal as long as it is 750 watts or less and does not go over 20 mph, which mine meets all these laws it is only 600 watts. And the cop said I could only go 10 mph with the electric bike.

  17. quay1962

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    well then have you tried writing the senator of your state? maybe you need to start at the top and be the pioneer in your backwards state: well the first thing you need to do is find other like minded people in your state and basically start petitioning the **** out of it i dont know any other moddies have an idea?

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    Transportation people here are morons

    I also wrote to the Kansas Department of Revenue, which is equivalent to the "DMV" I asked them if an electric bicycle with a 200 watt motor and less than 20 mph would need tags, and they reply was "YES" I would need to get a VIN number and tags. They are total morons. I wrote them back and told them that they were WRONG on this I sent them a copy of the federal law regarding electric assisted cycles. They never replied to my email.:grin:

  19. rchapman4697

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    Yes I am about to do that

    If they harass me on the electric bike, I will do that and file a lawsuit for police harassment.

    hey are you there you have to refresh to see more of the getting tired..
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    In many states, that would be classified as a "motor-assisted bicycle" and would not need vehicle registration. Is this not the case in Kansas?