Could I Pull A Trailer With Four People On It With A Motorized Bicycle?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Trailers' started by 4 Person Trailer On Bike?, Sep 26, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone!
    This is my first time ever actually asking for assistance from others online, because usually, I can do things on my own. But this time around, it was a little different. I had to do something I wasn't familiar with at all.

    What I plan on doing (yes, I do know how crazy this sounds,) is taking my Schwinn Genesis Bicycle, getting one of those motrized Bicycle kits (that can be seen everywhere on eBay), and creating a trailer with about four seats on it.

    The trailer would be very sturdy (obviously), and I intend to make it out of wood with a steel frame (to reinforce the wood). There would be two seats on it, of course. After doing that math, I have made a few estimates. I believe that the trailer would weigh 250 lbs, and would have the weight capacity of 540 lbs at best, 450 lbs at worst.

    My bike does have an attachment so that it can carry bike trailers.

    The total weight of the passengers I will be carrying is about 470 lbs, in total, making everything I need to carry about 720 lbs.

    I need you guys to tell me how I could accomplish this (ex, what kind of motor I will need, better ways for me to design the trailer, etc.)

    Please refrain from leaving any replies or comments telling me about how I am crazy and should be put in a padded room for even thinking this could work.

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    Ehhh crazy , padded room etc. Just get a car!
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    I wouldn't even attempt that on one of my old Honda Goldwings.
  5. Holly

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    My first thought (beyond the obv dangers) would be that your passengers would be eating your exhaust.
  6. butre

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    the bike might do it with the right gearing, but they won't be having a comfortable ride with 2 stroke smoke blowing in their face the whole way. if at any point they stop complaining you should pull over and call an ambulance as soon as possible, as they've succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning.

    you may be able to get away with putting an engine in the trailer and having it drive those wheels. push trailers are one of the less common methods but they are certainly effective.
  7. Wags

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    These ht engines have a hard enough time staying together with just the weight of an average person let alone that, plus four more and the small car you described as the pull-behind . Not to mention the breaking situation. Not rain on your parade but save your money.
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    i am 260 lb and use my 80cc to pull a cart with 2 kids together weighing around 120 lb. it struggles and i peddle more to take it easy on the bike, but the kids love it and have fun. only to the pool in my community tho i wouldn't recommend any distance. but i have been doing this for over a year with no problems.
  9. KCvale

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    I don't see why not, my 66cc shifter can tow a trailer.


    My flaw there was not having 12V on the bike for the electric trailer brakes.
    The surge brake worked well enough going downhill, but it was tricky launching the boat.

    It is warming up nice, anyone want to go skiing?
    We can ride together ;-}


    Seriously though, if you made a light AL trailer with a good surge brake, something like a ~50cc 4-stroke with gears and good brakes like this might pull it off.


    You would need a damn sturdy hitch on the bike frame but otherwise geared low enough it would pull the weight, and have enough brake to stop you too.

    The better solution of course is to motorize a Surrey Tram.


    Or one like I had here for awhile...



    I was going to do it electric.
    That guy was a complete Arab flake though, he had no money.
    I guess he thought I'd jump at the chance to throw hundreds of man hours and a couple thousand dollars in parts for free for promotion!

    Ignorant Arab.
    No money, no buildey pal ;-}
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    I'll just stick with pulling a pedicab than a trailer.