Could I Pull A Trailer With Four People On It With A Motorized Bicycle?

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Sidewinder Jerry

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Mar 14, 2011
Here they are cool. As long as the engine don't look to big for a bike, they don't care. Just don't speed, don't be a moron. If you are going down the sidewalks, go at a bikes pace, and give way to all pedestrians. If the motors off, it's just a bike. Basically don't be stupid, or put a stupid big engine on a bike, and you're good here. Big city, cops to busy catching cagers to bother a bike. Plus they tried, moped laws knocked 'em down. 14 or older and you are good to go for a motorized bike, even in traffic.
Tennessee does require a driver's license. However, if you stay under 30 mph and obey all traffic laws the cops aren't going to bother you. I've been riding here for 11 years and never once got pulled over. I also advice people regardless of the vehicle not to be seen coming out known drug locations.