Could Use Some Coaching, Anyone in the California Central Coast Available?

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    Is getting pretty close now, but six months is too long, even for an old guy. I live in a Atascadero California, anyone in this area, available to help with little coaching? Would be sweet, this site is fantastic, but, this old far* could use a little one-on-one. Thanks for everyone's help, sincerely, John :banghead: :willy_nilly:

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    What motor kit do you have? You may have to rely on on-line help until you find a local mentor.
    A lot of the problem solving on these motorbikes comes down to good old trial-and-error.
    Little adjustments sometimes make a big difference,
    It's great to see our seniors still tinkering and bending wrenches.
  3. buy a golden shower bicycle engine. try not to talk to anyone that works there though they are country bumpkin morons that talk to much. you wont need any further coaching....or trial or error ect their kit is premier. I just wish someone like me owned that company. dont refer people to them either they dont give a ****e about referrals and they dont reward for referrals.....I must be a big moron too....cuz I just referred you.

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    It's for 66 cc slant head, going on an old Schwinn Phantom, frame is a little different made this complicated., Thank you John