Could you mount a rack to this bike?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by deXtrous, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. deXtrous

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    It's up for quite cheap, and it's going to be my first build. Just wondering if personally you think it's a good option to grab it?


  2. ibdennyak

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    Yup, just make sure all the attachment points are attached to the rear suspension. What kind of drive do you plan to use?
  3. augidog

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    a rack-mount setup will simply become part of the "independant" swingarm assembly, providing you follow 'denny's advice...nice looking bicycle, i bet it's a smooth rider...keep us posted :cool2:
  4. Tanaka40

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    A GEBE would mount to it in a snap, Augi and I know this because we both have GEBE setups. (mine Tanaka PF-40 on a Mongoose dual suspension MB) Sweet starter bike.
  5. chefdouglas

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    The front disc brakes make it a nice choice if the price is good. A brake up grade can be $200 so for the right price it could even be a parts bike.
  6. Tanaka40

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    Although Den and Juls dont like rear discs on their setups, I would go with a GEBE rear disc wheel with 105g spokes and keep the existing cantilever bakes too with a double brake lever for the back brakes. My Tanaka 40 runs so fast, I get a little nervous about stopping. (ie... panic stop because the Bozo truck driver just turned the corner and cut you off !! At 30mph, regular bike brakes are not meant for these situations !)
    BTW , you will love the dual suspension and your back will say "thank you" for every pot hole and bump. I also installed BMX kiddie handlebars for I can sit more upright in the saddle.
  7. loquin

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    You'll just want to be sure that the engine is mounted far enough from the seat so that when the bike 'bottoms out' on the rear suspension, your backside isn't against the motor... Else, the phrase 'Branded!' comes to mind...
  8. Tanaka40

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    I totally agree!! As a matter of fact I, am considering relocating the mount 45 degrees rearward in order to clear all obsticles and leave room for a top rack. Since my engine is a 2 stoke , it does not mind any angle as long as I can get fuel in the tank
  9. I have a GEBE drive with a Robin 35 on a full suspension bike. When I hit a really big bump or storm drain it sometimes bottoms out the supension and I get a little tap on the bottom from the engine (on the wallet actually). The engine cover doesn't get hot and I don't see it as any sort of problem. If it was truely annoying I could move the engine back a few inches to avoid the contact altogether. Have fun.
  10. Tanaka40

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    Oooh full suspension sure is nice on the back !! combined with a nice cushy seat .... now that's bike'n!!!
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