Couldn't get away with an honest saftey message in this day and age

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I don't just drive with a seatbelt, but with a set of white knuckles gripping the steering wheel when crazy women drivers rush to Target for a 50% off" sale on women's clothing.
    All he!! breaks loose when Goldmark announces a sale on jewelery.

    It's outrageous that men must pay higher insurance premiums when women are the cause of a good many accidents.

    Mr's Blunders could be around the next corner.

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    ****,I had a woman back out and come 2 Inches from hitting me picking up a job application at ruby tuesday's.She just says sorry and speeds't even walk without being In danger anymore.
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    I once had a woman 2 Inches from my m.b. tire reading her damm mail while driving.And had a coal truck driver come within 2 feet from plowing me under his rig.Did not slow down even.Just kept going.Just a sick world.I blame It on pills,phones,and overpopulation.Also suv's and hummers have many blind spots.And especially ones with black tinted windows.Yet I still ride motorcycles and m.b.'s knowing I will probably be killed or hurt badly cuz of these Irresponsible citizens operating basic mil;itary style vehicles.