Cowled_Wolfe is here!



Howdy there. My name's Ben (but I go by Wolfe), and I'm an alc... Err... I mean, I've had my motored bike for roughly a week now. It's an '06 Raleigh Venture 4.0 bought new, with a GEBE R/S 35cc motor (bought used) mounted to the frame.

This bicycle has been my primary commuter, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It used to have a custom rear-rack setup to carry stuff, but I had to remove that for the motor. When I can afford the proper tooling, I'll be adding front and rear cargo capacity.

Also in my plans: a front dynohub and a lighting system, mirrors, disc brakes, and a better helmet (it's effin' cold at night right now).

Anyhow, once my camera is back in good order, I'm going to be posting pics of my bike, my mods, and writing a few tutorials... Subjects coming to mind: a different way of GEBE frame mounting, hand-made cargo racks, and one or two useful GEBE mods...