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    I got an old cr85 2006 engine for free about 2 years ago and now rebuilt the carb and am trying to see how the rad cooling system works anyways i don't have a frame yet but im trying to find one and its a start of a project

    25.83 HP (19 kW) @ 12000 rpm
    Water cooled
    Manual 6-speed
    vary low gearing
    top speed 170+kph maybe lol

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    good job obamas sorting out health care over there cuz youll be needing some after doing 170kph pal
    i mean i admire the cojones but your going to die ;] !
    keep us posted cuz this? i gotta see man the floors yours!


    its now has a frame but need to find 1/16th welding rods cause the current for a 3/32 blows throw

    also need to make it less loud

    hopefully the clipping sound waves to make them weak (with the microwave door) works well in the real world
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    Interesting. 16 years old and welding and fabricating already. Funny when i was your age the only thing i was interested in was the opposite sex. Anyway the water pump is gear driven i believe but could be wrong. You may want to de-tune the engine before you even go 1 foot. Something that the frame may stand like 5hp maybe. Otherwise you'd be better off putting pedals on a cr85. Gearing it low is just going to make a bad situation worse. Will probably cause many things to break, twist and snap. Consider gearing up slightly will cause less problems. Turn the welder down slightly.
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    agreed. impressive at the innocent age of 16, originally came fitted into a motocross bike frame for a reason...

    save the money you may waste on hospital bills on
    1 a workshop.
    2 good tools
    3 education

    the three go together and come in quite handy later on where as having broken your femur in 16 places isnt so helpful as you get older and realise youll never walk pain-free again... and pee yourself occasionally cause of the nerve damage...

    youll have much more fun with a chainsaw engine and some basic skills than a full on death trap :)

    you wont find 1/16 rods these days. theres a machine called a TIG for that stuff.

    look, at 16 i was gunna make a gokart... had the engine, a twin 250... 10 yrs later i actually built it...properly.

    and i was much happier than i would have been if id made it back then, badly...
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    I'm more than double his age and i'm still having fun with a chainsaw. Minus the bar and chain of course.