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    So, i was moving my 48cc HT from a cheapie bike to something I feel better about riding. At first, it rode fine, but when i was going home from work today, my motor wouldnt start by normal procedures for a break-in (choke lever up to start and warm up). So, I had to push the choke down and hard start it, and to get any real power out of it, i had to hold the clutch lever and give it a few revs. Otherwise, it would accellerate extremely slowly. Also, it no longer idles, although it also slammed fuel faster than i slam Yoohoo!'s. When i got home, i decided to do some digging around...and was pretty sad to see a wee crack in the top of the cylinder head. Only had the time thing for 2 months...

    Soooo am I pretty ****ed?

    Okay, so what i really want to know is if my symptoms would result from a cracked cylinder head. Because if not, im not wasting the money to order a new one :(

    And despite what you can see in the pic, the crack goes down into the bowl.

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  2. joshua97

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    yes, same happened to me, order a head :)
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    It will just get worse. replace it. use sandpaper and glass to plane head and cylinder mating surfaces to be a good match and not permit much of any heat inducing blowby. less head spooge results also
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    in 50,000 kilometers of riding i have never experienced a cracked cylinder head. I find it interesting that many of the problems others experience have never happened to me, yet some of my engines have suffered from problems that many other people have never experienced.

    My current engine has a small end wrist pin that's survived for a total of 13,000 kilometers or 8,000 miles (including being in an environment where the large end needle roller bearing has disintegrated) and has then subsequently been used in number of other engines.
    Surprisingly other people have made complaints that the small end wrist pin is unreliable and needs to be upgraded, even though my experience shows it to be a very reliable item.
  5. MusiCALpuLLtoy

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    120 volts. 1 wire to head , 1 wire to crack. weld. done!
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    let the pulltoy try this one, and post the results on youtube so we can all see how well it works ;)

    back on topic!

    simple. new head. not a big expenditure.

    stop being so "gentle" or "naive" (one i like better) and just forget about this "break-in" nonsense!

    the people with countless miles on their engines seem to always disregard it...
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    Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day