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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Leroybrown420, Jul 10, 2015.

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    I sold my Critical cycle today to a local MB'er who actually cracked his frame just below the front engine mount. I wish I'd taken a photos but was to busy counting the benjamins. This was a first for me. The bike was a kit bike that he bought locally and apparently has had nothing but problems since day 1. The photos are from Craigslist where he original purchased the bike. Has anyone ever cracked their frame? I'm leaking towards installation error but should we be worried about our frames splitting in half? He did mention that he jumped a few curbs. However, I currently have a MB that once upon a time had a 62 tooth rear sprocket (see last photo) that I have wheeled the hell out of and used off-road for a few fishing adventures & trail riding. It now has a 32 tooth sprocket since I moved to the city but my frame shows no sign of stress cracks or anything unusual. Weird.

    00Z0Z_j2IkZNYF5UW_600x450.jpg 00x0x_fzyn801VMK6_600x450.jpg 01515_l8DyUuPMlj0_600x450.jpg

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    Bike frames crack even when used as intended. If the steel frame cracks, there are several things one can do to fix and even improve the frame.
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    Nothing last forever, and everything is fixable. However, I'll will never own a Sikk bike (unless it's free) after seeing a snapped steel frame with a stock 48cc and rider who weighs around 120lbs. My very fist motorized bike is still running around NAU. I actually road the that bike until the chain snapped and the tires were bald, then motorized it. I bet the frame just fine.

    My 1st MB
    hh.jpg g.jpg
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    dont trust old frames with brazed joints, dont trust alloy, dont trust anything cheap and nasty...

    best one for me has still been a tig welded cromo shogun...
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    Sorry you broke a frame, but I sure love your pics with the red rocks in the background. Most of the cracked frames I have heard of lately were cruiser frames with the welded-on cargo racks, like the Panama Jack.
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    i broke a schwinn frame right behind the seat on the downtubes