Craig Vetter's "Freedom Machine"

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by augidog, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I agree with him. The strongest argument we're likely to hear against him (though it might go uspoken) will be "Great. But mixing machines like this with regular autos on the road won't be safe." If light, alternative transportation is ever to be accepted on our roads we must, somehow, knock the auto off the pedestal it's been on for decades.
    Won't be easy. though expensive fuel might help a lot.
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    Interesting. Of course I believe he should get over his need to ride at 70mph, and his desire to split lanes. Then he could build a trike like mine.
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    good stuff! next step, the front page of cycleworld! motorassisted bikes rock! motoredbike evolution is a wonderful thing!
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    I don't think that any special laws are necessary to make streamlined vehicles with motor sizes appropriate to get good mpg's. Either you shoot for moped speeds which are nominally not above 30mph, or you go for motorcycle/auto speeds which are either 55mph minimum for non-interstates or 70mph on the highway.

    Just curious, would streamliner moped discussion be appropriate on this board if they don't have pedals?
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    for the work he put into that streamlined bike, the extra mpg he got was a let down. He got hardly any more mpg from a massive thing like that. Still it looks cool haha.
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    I like his thinking.
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    I like his thinking as well. My question is - why such cheesy goals?

    The engineering has been done. Design work completed. Prototype built and road-worthy, being extensively road tested as we speak. Diesel electric hybrid two-seater tadpole trike, enclosed cabin, freeway speeds capable, 125 mpg on diesel alone, up to 225 mpg in hybrid mode. You can buy the plans at XR-3 Hybrid.

    Robert Q. Riley has been in the alternative vehicle design business for over 30 years, and is one of the worlds foremost experts on economical hybrid vehicle design and construction.