Craigslist wheels. Lightest chain available?


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Sep 25, 2017
I usually pick up 26” bicycles (50s era) on Craigslist. What are my options for wheels? Will a 700c/29er fit a beach cruiser type bicycle? How about a 27.5”? How about a 26” mtn bicycle rim? Are they the same as the beach cruiser 26” rims? Are adult bmx wheels all 20”? I think the worksman rims are overkill for a 3-5hp motor. As long as you’ve got enough volume in your tires, you’re fine.

I have a Zeda that came with the 415. No problems in the past few years, but if I can use a lighter chain to transfer more power, I will. Is the 410 the lightest available? Will it fit on the 10 or 11T sprocket on the ht engine? Some guy said a bmx chain would work. Lmao, no it doesn’t. I just checked with an eighth inch chain.


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Sep 23, 2013
Use whatever chain you like!
You can make the sprocket fit the chain. :)

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#415/ Moped/ extra strong BMX chain inner width (roller width) is nominally 3/16" (4.8mm). It has very thick side plates and usually the pins protruding out beyond the side plates.

#410/ standard BMX chain is nominally 1/8" (3.2mm). It has thick side plates and the pins usually protruding.

BMX race/ trials/ cruiser chain is nominally 3/32" (2.4mm) and generally has thinner side plates than standard BMX #410 to reduce mass. The pins on BMX race/ trials/ cruiser chain may be/ are usually protruding outside of the side plates.

Five-to-eight speed chain is also nominally 3/32" (2.4mm) and generally has thinner side plates than BMX race chain, and the pins are flush to allow the chain to work with a multi sprocket freewheel cluster.

Nine speed chain inner width is 11/128" (2.18mm) and has thinner side plates. The pins are flush with the side plates.
The sprocket teeth need to be no more than 2mm thick, but can be 2.2mm thick at the shoulder where the rollers never touch.

Ten and eleven speed chain has the same inner width as nine speed chain, but even thinner side plates, and necessarily more expensive manufacturing processes.

(Personally, I went with a mid-priced nine speed chain by KMC, which is far stronger in pure tension than is necessary for my mildly modded engine, but I didn't want to go any lighter than this just due to preferring to keep some resilience to the unexpected forces that come with accidents, crashes, derailment.
The nine speed chain is less noisy than the #410 BMX chain I used previously. It is surely smoother and easier to control, IME.
The regained power from having halved the chain mass is negligible, IMHO. I never thought to bother trying the #415)
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