cranbrook build progress

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by recumbentbill, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Well my parts from bird dog dist came today. Grubee One gallon gas tank, center mount two leg kick stand and the Grubee HD axle ,freewheel sprocket and brake. Got the tanks mounted[Ilike the bigger size], kick stand monted and have been tinkering with the HD axle kit:confused:. No instructions at all. Bird dog said to look on the site for instructions. :confused::confused::confused:. The freewheel has two spanner holes. The picture shows the holes on the outside. Tried it---didn't work freewheeled backwards. took it off and flipped it over. It works BUT now the spanner holes are on the inside with little room to get to the spanner holes for removal :goofy: The instructions concerning the brake drum is even more strange. The Instructions say to grind the 5 sprocket bolts down flush with the nuts so the brake hub can touch the ground down bolts so that the brake hub can create a friction lock ring. Did it and the sprocket would not turn mush less free wheel. I know what to do:idea: but thought I would post this about the instructions that apparently got lost in the translation Any way here are some pics. The HD axle kit looks pretty stout to me. Will need the frame spredder tool.
    Stay tuned theres More to come

  2. cranbrook Build Progress-----Whoops

    Forgot to add some pics:dunce: Tomorrow I get spokes and start the wheel build

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    DJEEPER Member

    Looks good Bill!

    Frame spreader: foot, hand, leverage :)

    Keep it up!
  4. Grubee HD Axel kit on the cranbrook

    After lots of web surfing and seveeral emails I now have my rear wheel built up.It was a interesting puzzle. For those interested here is some info that that I used.Wheel lace pattern is 3 cross,Sheldon Browns web site has detaile instructions on lacing up a wheel. Spoke length 260mm 12 gauge available from staton inc rim is steel 26" $10 from staton. The frame spreadder tool is lame.I ended up using a sissor car jack. I found some 1-3/8 x 14gauge machine bushings at tractor supply co that fit perfectly between the freewheel [engine drive side] and the break drum. With out this bushing the drum would rub and lock up the freewheel. Several motored bikers mentioned the pedal side freewheel problem I have the same problem too. problem is the threads on the axle are 1.0mm and most of the bmx freewheels are standard 24tpi. Fellow Motoredbiker Klassard found a freewheel that fits and the sprocket fits cruiser bicycle chains. here are some pics
    overall I think the HD axle kit is good. Now I have to save up some $$ for the four stoke honda engine kit

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  5. cranbrook build almost complete

    My huffy Cranbrook is almost complete. I went with the grubee 4stroke HS engine. Nice little engine and quite too . I also went with the HD axle kit. I ordered the dual brake lever and was sent the clutch shifter lever. Oh well the correct lever is on its way. Same thing for the extra wide one piece pedal crank [they sent me a three piece] no big deal. I will be ordering the shaft and engine sprocket that will take the place of the engager freewheel sprocket and cable. The hd axle free wheels so no need for the engager and engine free wheel sprocket. The engine and engine mount fit the cranbrook perfectly. The only puzzle was making the rear drop outs wider and figuring out how to build and lace up the rear wheel. Also on the to do list is order a classic old skool cruiser handle bar, a bmx angled to the back seat post with brace

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  6. huffy cranbrook with new front shock

    Front shock came yesterday Looks good price was right considering its the only mtb front suspension that has a 1" steer tube that would fit my huffy cranbrook.
    Observations are---makes riding more enjoyable. under 50 bucks price tag. easy to install. makes bike look better:helmet:

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  7. Ramblerfan

    Ramblerfan New Member

    Did you end up using the wide crank for the cranbrook? Did it fit ok?

  8. the wide crank fit just fine
  9. HS Grubee 4stroke cranbrook update/problems

    Well here goes. The HS 4stroke died 6miles from home. HS started knocking and seized up. Birddog dist replaced the engine. New engined arrived with a air cleaner housing that was smashed to bits. After repacement housing arrived the recoil starter died. Waiting to hear back concerning the starter assymbly. The free wheel on the gear box stripped out early.Bird dog repaced with a non free wheel 10 tooth no charge. The grubee HD hub is good however I did repaced the original chain with a size 41. I did not split the original engine due to warranty issues but did notice after removing the engine a connecting rod bolt fell out while draining the oil . Sweet bike when every thing works. Now I'm starting to feel like the bike is not to be trusted:confused:
  10. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    I think tou may have the master link clip on backward, the closed end should be pointed in the direction of travel. (I think?)
  11. Ramblerfan

    Ramblerfan New Member

    Cranbrook Crank?

    My kit also came with the 3 piece wide crank set and it appears the bike has a one piece crank. where did you get the one piece crank to fit? Thanks!
  12. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    Is your chain wheel on backward? Or is it on that way for clearance issues?:eek::confused:
  13. The sprocket can be installed either concave or convex to achieve proper chain alignment.
  14. My kit came with a one piece crank. The kit is from
    They sell the one piece crank seperate.
  15. recoil starter problem resolved

    Update-------Recoil starter arrived today.Hopefully this will be the end of my motorbike problems:D
  16. chopperjoe

    chopperjoe New Member

    Dont you love how they advertise, bike kits can be assembled in 2 to 3 hrs? I dont believe god can build a motorbike in 2 hours. There is always something, it took me a half hour to mount my grounding screw. You know, hole to big, find another screw, drop screw, search for screw between all the wrenches, find screw, still wrong size, look for another screw. Next thing you know you have a 3/8 lag bolt holding a 20 gauge wire, covered in electric tape so no one can see your fine work.
  17. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    what do you think about bikeberry

    :-/ They sell bike & engine kits together. The seat tube is to short, making the top tube to close to the carb. I even ordered a billet intake, (straight). now the clutch cable will not work. Need to order a roller set up and try that.:annoyed: 2-3 hour build my ^ss! I think your right that GOD could not build a motorbike in the given time, (but HE did sink an unsinkable ship on the first try,)(Titanic) I'm on my 3rd build and it has been slowed to a stop for the moment, No space, No $$$, and no time (in that order) :annoyed: I don't know if all this time and $$$ I have into this build is going to be worth it because the Flying Horse engine. (Is it any good?) :confused: My first build I used a RAW 66/80cc engine and it worked great,the 2nd build (for a friend) Was Grubee 48cc on a huffy beach cruiser, alot of mods,(cut and weld intake so the cable would clear the top tube, cut and weld header pipe to fit (that was a Grubee quality control mistake) The exhaust would not fit the engine itself (hit the front mount stud). Now I'm on another build for myself and I need it right. Just got to say good luck on your build, and remember to keep smiling, (''It's only a thing'' But they are fun to build & Ride) just have fun!!!
  18. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for forwarding this thread to me. Very helpful to see again.

    The rear sprocket and front fork looks solid.

    Ive read it actually before I bought the Cranbrook and the grubee hs G4t engine/ belt drive I think.

    Is your bike ok now after the repairs from the january post?
  19. Ra1977

    Ra1977 New Member