Cranbrook Coaster Brake INSTALL: How? I have no brakes :[

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by slaquers, May 15, 2010.

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    I have no brakes, though I do have 2 holes in my shoes from braking. I bought another Cranbrook just for the brakes...unfortunately, yet again...I cannot get it to fit. Last time I threw them in woods. I don't want to this time.

    Please someone tell me how to mount the stock coaster brake on with the sprocket, or a detailed how to (online maybe) that shows you, not tells you, how to install a coaster 2 sets (minus one clutch assembly).

    Thanks I will be ever grateful!

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  3. If you look hard enough you can find a cheap ash bmx bike that has c-type clipers on it. You have to cut a little knotch in each side of the fender to allow the brake to acuate fully which make an already shifty fender even less secure. So either go the easy route and just remove the fenders all together or make sure those things are on there good. That coaster by itself is just askin' for it. Glad you got it fixt tho=)
  4. Even a 10$ pos as long as its got those brakes on it.
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    Is this what you are looking for????

    Check my video out. This is one way, the other is to grind the cap to fit in the sprocket hole. During mod I did wear eye protection.

    Remove the brake bracket, remove the wheel from the bike, remove the nut holding the coaster brake arm, remove the arm, remove dust cover. MAKE MOD.. Install the cap, sprocket, brake arm and nut. Install wheel and hook up clamp.
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    Thanks for the tip Al I will try that soon.
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    This forum has a SEARCH link on the top menu.
    Consider it a special Google just for forum topics on this site.

    It is your best friend here. It lets you easily find all the existing topics about this exact problem, or any other, already asked and answered ;-}

    Search for "Cranbrook" in the Topic Subject Line.
    There are hundreds of posts about the low cost Cranbrook, I have several posts about my own build and the brakes in there with the hundreds of others.

    Searching is a much faster way to an answer than just asking the same question again.
    It is also very handy for finding info on your potential new build or mod.
    In fact this site pretty much already has had every question asked and answered in detail dozens if not hundreds of times.
    The search lets you find it quick ;-}